Tuesday, 29 May 2007

2005 - Agoraphobia, Pregnancy & Baby #2

Baby #2 was shaping up nicely. The pregnancy was going fine, just like the previous one, when suddenly a possible irregularity showed up on a routine scan. Up to this stage, the hospital's maternity department was bending over backwards to accommodate Marie's condition; but now she was advised to get a more detailed scan as a matter of urgency. This could only be done in the hospital's main x-ray department, deep in the bowels of the complex, down interminable corridors with no nearby vehicular access. All the things Marie couldn't cope with. We explored every possible way in to the x-ray dept., but they were all similar in the fact that they were all very inaccessible to vehicles. And then...

Marie did it! She just walked to the x-ray department, holding my arm, clutching her shoulder bag, keeping a mental note of every seat and wheelchair we passed en route...but she got there without panic. And she stayed calm while the scan was being performed AND on the long journey back to the hospital exit. It just shows how strong the maternal instinct is...or, possibly, how you will always be able to do what you really, really, REALLY want to do?
Aunt Orla with niece Elisha
The scan showed that everything was ok and at about the correct date, 11th July, Orla was born with the minimum of fuss, healthy and normal sized (and, again, no pain relief).

13 days later, Jenna (who didn't have the text-book pregnancy Marie had, poor girl) gave birth to her first, a lovely little girl whom she called Elisha. Both had to stay in hospital for a little while, but soon they were proclaimed fit and healthy and promptly discharged.

So within the space of less than 2 weeks, I was once more a father and a grandfather!

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