Thursday, 5 July 2007

2007 - Getting out more and introducing Sharyl

My beautiful neice, Sharyl
Sharyl is my niece and she's 17 (she will be 18 in the autumn). When my sister lived in this area, so did Sharyl, of course. She was doing holiday jobs locally since she was 14. She started working for me at holiday periods and weekends a couple of years ago - just before my sister moved her family 50 miles away to a village in the middle of nowhere. Sharyl never adjusted to the move, and there was much less opportunity to get a part-time/holiday job near her mum's new home, so she started staying with Marie and me at weekends and during the school holidays. She gets on with Marie really well. Joseph and Orla (especially Orla) like her loads and she's become part of the family.

Orla surveys her world...
from as high up as she can get!

And now she has become a "safe" person for Marie - even though she doesn't drive. Thus, more freedom for me. This is a great boon because our children didn't ask to be born with an agoraphobic mum and I feel that it is important to have it affect them as little as possible. Although it would be better for both parents to take them out on exploratory trips and fun leisure trips, the fact that I can now take them most places I would like to is a great relief to me - and to Marie.

Joseph, Orla and I walked a couple of miles to get to the highest point in Somerset. (Okay, Orla spent some time being pushed in her pram...) No sign of habitation in sight - it's a wonderful feeling of freedom!

Joseph loves the steam engines which puff through our town, especially during the tourist season, on a 25-mile stretch of track.

And the playgrounds are a constant source of entertainment and exercise (especially for me!).


Sarah♥ said...
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Sarah♥ said...

Sorry, messed the first one up!!

I think its amazing as an agoraphobic your wife being able to go anywhere in the car. I seem to still have that invisible barrier up, thats getting closer and closer to home. Can your wife drive alone, IF she had to?

I've been sitting here a day before my 32nd birthday with my husband making me feel like a total piece of shit for not going out and even implying that i WANT to be like this!!!!!



Robert said...

Hi Sarah -

On good days, Marie can drive about half a mile on her own. Other days, she cannot drive anywhere on her own. Her parents and one sister live nearly 2 hours' drive away, and her other sister lives over 3 hours' drive away. Her parents don't often visit us, and her sisters haven't been here for several years; so if she wants to see them, she HAS to be able to get there by car.

If I was lying somewhere injured and there was no other way to get to me, I'm sure that she would drive out to get me...say 10 miles? Probably not much further.

I could pass a derogatory comment about your husband, but there are times when Marie (and her agoraphobia) drives me up the wall! Fortunately that mood doesn't last, and then when she affectionately cuddles up into me on the settee/in bed, I KNOW what is most important in my life...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (got the right date this time!) The best part of your life is ahead of you!


Ruby said...

It's so great to hear that Marie is making some progress. The baby steps will give her more confidence to take it further.

She must be feeling so pleased that she is moving forward and the your kids are able to go on outings as well.

Your niece has obviously been a great help for all of you, but especially for Marie to have a support person with her at home.

Keep up the great work Marie


Jen said...

Glad to hear she is making progress, I have been lurking for a little while now and thought its time that I comment!

Robert said...

Welcome Jen!

Thanks for stopping by! See you again?