Tuesday, 23 October 2007

A New Home for Colm, another Wedding and another Baby

Last weekend was really busy.

On Friday evening, we went to Exeter hospital (psychiatric ward) to see Colm. He was in good enough form, but anxious about his forthcoming move to his new home. That was the week's best news. Colm is to move out of the hospital in the next couple of weeks, when his new accommodation is ready. It's not the home we had looked at a month ago - he is to live in a 3-bedroom detached house with 2 others (with 24-hour care). He's got his own bathroom and satellite tv. He's going to be working, part-time and fully supervised, at the nearby Riding for the Disabled centre where he will be able to resume his equestrian pursuits. The house is situated in friendly residential cul-de-sac in a village about 30 minutes' drive from here. He will be a 10 minute drive from 2 of his older sisters, and a third is moving into that area soon. So he will have plenty of family around him. Now Marie and I can look forward to less stress in that part of our life.

On Saturday morning, Collette called round to discuss her wedding plans. She only got engaged 12 days ago, and at that time she told everyone that the wedding would be a some unspecified date about two years in the future. Now she's decided to get married next April. (No, she's NOT pregnant!) Collette's mother doesn't figure in her life, so it's up to Marie and me and her sisters to put it all together. I know that it will all work out well, and we can look forward to a joyous wedding day. However, Marie is already getting anticipatory anxiety...

In the afternoon, we went to Carla's house where Lee's birthday was being celebrated. Colleen & Collette and their men and loads of beer were there too, so there was lots of noisy fun.

And then on Sunday, we went to Marie's parents' house to see her sisters. Her older sister, Karen, had travelled from her home in Brighton. It was her 39th birthday the following day and this was the day for the birthday cake and presents. Her other sister lives close to her parents and brought along her husband and delightful little son (see picture). Karen announced that she is pregnant. The baby is due next June. For many women, 39 might be a bit old to start having children, but former footballer (soccer) Karen is in peak condition and there is no reason to anticipate any complications. Much joy and happiness all round.

Despite all this happy news, almost all of the recent improvements in Marie's agoraphobia have disappeared. She had a stomach bug last week and hasn't been driving anywhere. At her parents' house, she needed the security of her oversized bag at all times, and didn't venture outside. There is a short school holiday now, so I am hoping that she'll be back driving to school with Joseph later next week.

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