Friday, 12 October 2007

Our Beach

We live in a small, ancient, sleepy coastal town with narrow, quaint, irregularly shaped streets. We’re surrounded by beautiful scenery and loads of history. In the height of summer, an influx of tourists makes our population quadruple. At this time of year we get older tourists and walkers – people without children. Most of these ignore our beach, so when I took Orla there this afternoon (Joseph was at a friend’s house), we had it to ourselves.

After expending her initial, frenzied, just-got-free energy, Orla settled down to play in the sand.

It was quite late in the afternoon and the sun was getting low in the sky. It was bright, warm and calm. Cotton-wool clouds moved at a snail’s pace. The sea was softly lapping the sand and rocks while sea birds drifted effortlessly overhead (falcons nest in the cliffs which surround the beach and are beautiful to behold when in flight, but they were absent today).
Far out to sea, there was a small fishing boat bobbing gently.

Only the sounds of nature were audible.



This beach is only 100m from our home, but it is inaccessible by car. It’s about 20m from the road and surrounded by cliffs. You have to walk to it. But because of that, even though she has lived here for the last 8 years, Marie has never seen it.

One day…one day, Joseph and Orla and I are going to take Marie to that beach. That’s a promise!


Solitary Dancer said...

What a lovely place. It seems to peaceful in pics.

Deb at Caged Shadow

Robert said...

It IS really beautiful around here. And peaceful. We're very lucky. I'm hoping to show Marie all the places you have to walk to, one day.

Maximum said...

It's so sad, so terribly sad that your Marie misses so much.

Your lives are so very different for having met each other. You are both very lucky to have found each other in this huge world of people and to bring your different gifts to each other's lives.

I hope, one day, you get to show Marie all the places and if love counts for anything then I'm sure you will.


Robert said...

Thanks for the comment, maximum. I've so much to share with Marie when she gets better...I expect she'll have a few surprises for me, too!

Let's hope she gets better soon!