Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Agoraphobia - outdoor coping skills test postponed

Marie wanted to go out and check out some shops, get some Christmas presents, see if her outdoor coping skills are also improving. We had everything organised to go on Monday when Joseph was at school, extra staff were working so that we wouldn't be needed and Orla was booked into a nursery for the day; but alas! it wasn't to be.

First of all, Orla went sick on Saturday. Puked all over me, so that was good fun (lol). Next, late on Sunday night, Joseph vomited over his bedroom floor. Perhaps he liked the feel of this, for he repeated it in the hall, and finally at the entrance to the bathroom.

are nicer things to do at 2.30 am than clean vomit from carpets...

Marie has been enjoying working for the past few months, so I took on the childcare duties. Orla hasn't been physically sick since Saturday, but she has been running a temperature off & on since and is stuck to me constantly like a second skin. She spends large amounts of time on my knee. Poor Joseph was retching just a few hours ago. Too big to sit on my knee now, he tends to lay his head against my chest. With this unplanned, unexpected use of my time, other things are running behind schedule - mainly Christmas preparations and some work projects.

However, the good news is that Marie's recent improvements have remained, and she's been on her own a few times.

Emma Roberts rang. Marie phoned earlier telling her of her progress. Emma told Marie that she would send her an email containing instructions for some new exercises to do to allay panic. It arrived shortly afterwards, but neither Marie nor I have had a chance to read it properly.

Marie & I have met quite a few therapists of one sort or another over the years, and I can tell you that for lots of them, their income stream seems more important than the progress of their clients. Emma Roberts is different. Since Sharon Osbourne introduced Emma to Marie about 15 months ago, she hasn't asked for
any payment. Makes me feel guilty. Perhaps we'll go to see her (in London) next year just to have a paid consultation. If any readers want to try EFT (Emma does therapy by phone, so you can reside anywhere in the world and still use her services), you could do a lot worse than give Emma a try. Btw, I'm not getting paid for this plug! But perhaps I could send Emma a begging email...


Aff said...

The thing I love about this blog is that it makes me go:
"I wonder what I could do to help."

And this entry is a case in point, you've already shown that you have lots of unexpected balls in the air and yet still, you find time to make a blog about someone else and how wonderful they are.

I think that's fantastic and when I read such things, it makes me want to jump in, rush around and help you guys out in whatever way I can. I like the warm, fuzzy feeling I get inside!

Maybe it's just Christmas spirit! :-)

Have a very merry, safe and panic free Christmas, Robert, Marie and of course, your family.

Coffeecup said...

May I add to those sentiments? What a story! What a pity she never got to meet Sharon! So much happens in your household it's incredible. Time permitting there ought to be a book in here never mind a blog. I sincerely hope the kids are better and would like to wish you all a happy Christmas and the very best for the New Year. May your dreams be fulfilled in 2008. Love Steph x

Robert said...

Thanks aff, for your complimentary (as usual) comments. I could get used to this!

I'm really pleased to see that you're still doing well. I'll pop in at yours before Christmas.

Robert said...

Hi Steph -

Thanks for you kind concern.

Joseph went back to school yesterday (and now he's off until 2008) and Orla seemed better today. No raised temperature this evening - first time in a week.

So everything is better in time for Christmas, and let's hope it stays that way. 'Cos that's what it's all about (for me) - the kids & the family.

Ruby said...

I hope the kids is germ free by Christmas day and enjoys all the festivities.

I am sure Marie now has the confidence to reschedule her trip for the after Christmas sales.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

SarahC♥ said...