Sunday, 27 January 2008

Coming out of Depression

Marie's depression eased significantly as soon as she went to her parent's house. I expected this. She's left a place with responsibilities and demands she couldn't deal with and has gone to a place without them. She doesn't sleep or go online as much as she did. She doesn't need the escape so much.

She has decided to use this time at her parents' house to work on her agoraphobia. She's also renewing her relationship with her bike, riding around her parents' garden and a short distance down the road (albeit accompanied by her father). With no fixed routine and no children in tow, Marie can now go out when she feels like it and try going into shops, caf├ęs etc. She doesn't have to worry about anyone else's agenda. With this in mind, she's decided to stay in Weymouth for a few weeks - hopefully to return as a more complete person. I'll visit her with the children at weekends.

We didn't visit her this weekend because our home really needed tidied and cleaned. Two of my older daughters helped me by amusing the children and assisting with the cleaning. I managed to make the house more manageable so that the forthcoming week would be less of a challenge. I also gave the kids some valuable time by taking them out (the weather here has been superb for the time of year - the daffodils are beginning to sprout already!) into the fresh winter air. Today, with two daughters and 3 grandchildren, we went for a long walk in a local forest. Everyone came back covered in mud (especially Collette's dog) but it was a very enjoyable interlude.

It's just typical of life that next week I will - unusually - be at work in North Devon and away from home for 10 hours each day. I feel somewhat guilty that the children will only see me for a couple of hours a day, but after the weekend I will be working at home or in the building adjacent and my hours will be much more flexible. I'm just glad that we had such an enjoyable weekend.

Although Marie and I converse a couple of times every day, and the children talk to her at least once, we'll all be glad to see her next weekend. Hopefully she'll be feeling lots better and we'll be able to look forward to her returning here in a positive frame of mind.


Lynn said...

Hi its Lynn here. Maries partner in crime who helped with the bike deception haha. I decided to take a leaf out of your book and start a blog. If you are interested in hearing my story its at
I'm sure you've read these kind of things b4 but thought id let u know anyway...its a work in progress

SarahC♥ said...

Good to hear that Marie is feeling better :)


Lynn said...

Me again. After reading my blog a few people have recommended the same site to me.

I honestly believe that the only way to beat this is the way decribed in these recordings. I have been told Dr Claire Weekes had the answers and recommended buying her book. So i just have.

I think this is maybe what Marie needs too.

I have spoken to too many people who have beat this and they all used this method...Has Marie tried it?

I hope it helps

Alison "in Wonderland" said...

It sounds like this are improving for your wife! Hang in there, you are such an amazing support for her!

zenfrog said...

Hi Rob, it's good to hear that Marie can at least get outside and leave her home to visit her parents and other places, it's good to hear about her progress, and I wish you both well.

I've been keeping up with reading your blog and the ups and downs of Marie's progress and it seems to have a tendency to be on the upwards slope, even though there are a few steps back every so often, but it's the trend that's important.

I can empathise with her about depression and not surprised to hear that a lot of agoraphobics suffer with it, it's quite depressing not being able to live your life to the full, but hopefully a rest at her parents will recharge her batteries.

All the best

anxiousbookworm said...

Hi there. I recently discovered your blog and finished reading all of your entries yesterday. I really enjoyed reading them all. I can relate to Marie a fair bit. I had started a blog awhile ago and had written three entries but decided to re-start it and use it for anxiety, depression, and mental illness instead. I have read Lynn's blog as well and so both of you have really inspired me to share my story also. Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I will definitely be coming back to read all of your future entries! Oh, and please say hi to Marie for me :-)