Thursday, 3 January 2008

Pleasant deceit...

Marie has an agoraphobic friend in Scotland called Lyn.

It was 17th December, and the phone rang. Marie answered and then asked me to take the call. It was Lyn. We had spoken a few times before.

"Hi Robert, I hope you don't mind me taking up your time, but I need some help with a present for my dad. I want to get him a bicycle, but I don't know anything about them.
I can't get to any bike shops with my agoraphobia for advice, but Marie says that you know a bit about them. Could you advise me what to get?"

Well, I had got a bike for Marie a few years ago (which agoraphobia has prevented her from using) and did some research on
the subject then. So I asked Lyn the pertinent questions -
-Was her dad a keen cyclist?
-Was he going to ride it mostly on roads, or off-road?

-Mostly on roads but on tracks too. No heavy duty off-road use.
Then we established Lyn's budget.

So I ended recommending a Marin hybrid bike. It's very strong, but
extremely lightweight. Front suspension and hard tail. Semi slick tyres for road and light off-road use. Lots of gears and very comfortable riding position.

My Bike

Lyn thanked me profusely.

I thought no more about it.

But on Christmas Day, Marie presented me with this bike. Without knowing it, I had been describing the bike most suited to my needs. We had got Joseph a bike for Christmas and I had mentioned to Marie that I would need to get a bike now, so that
the two of us could go out cycling. So she thought "How can I find out what bike to get him?" and enlisted Lyn's help. It was a pleasant deceit, don't you think?

Joseph's bike


Aff said...

*Grins from ear to ear*

Absolutely superb!

SarahC♥ said...

How sweet!

maz said...

Hi again,
Nice one!

The million dollar question - you been out on it yet?

maz x

Robert said...

Hi maz -

The answer is yes.

Taught Joseph how to ride his new bike - brakes much better, he's got 6 gears now, handles better etc. Then he & I went on a 2-mile ride. Two days later, despite the recent rain, we went on a 6-mile ride over mixed surfaces. Took about an hour to clean the bikes & 2 hours to clean Joseph & his clothes...