Monday, 5 May 2008

Agoraphobia winning

Things aren't going so well for Marie at the moment. Not only is her agoraphobia worse, but her general anxiety level is worse too.

But we didn't let it ruin our second wedding anniversary! It was on Thursday last. While the children were being looked after by big sister Colleen, Marie and I went to a posh Italian restaurant where we had a wonderful romantic meal and enjoyed the relaxed ambience. The romantic mood lasted late into the night...

Marie is unhappy about what she perceives to be the worsening of her condition, but not depressed. She is determined to fight it...she just hasn't decided how, yet. On a personal level, I also believe that she can turn this around and recover lost ground. It might take a while, that's all.

Meanwhile, Orla has had a growth spurt and is now tall enough to mount Joseph's old bicycle (still in almost pristine condition). I had to attach the stabilisers (of course) before I showed her how to work the pedals and the brakes. However, at the tender age of 33 months, I think Orla did exremely well to master the bicycle within 30 minutes. She's justifiably pretty proud of herself and keen to hone her new skills. We got mummy to come to the front door to witness her achievement and offer well-deserved praise. Our little girl is growing up!