Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Anxiety - more medication

The second group of Austrian students arrived,


and departed.

It was another enjoyable encounter for both Marie and me. The girls were chatty and cheerful, but didn't interact with Joe & Orla as much as the first group.

While they were here, Marie was srill coping with the side effects of her medication. The adverse side effects have been reducing and the doctor increased the dose again - this time there have been no obvious changes to her mood.

So, has medication changed Marie?

Well, yes, I think so.

Her general level of anxiety is much reduced. But maybe it would have anyway? I don't know.

She has many more panic attacks than before and some of them are very intense. Yesterday she had a panic attack which included a spell where breathing was almost impossible for her. This is very unusual for Marie. Oddly, she seems unconcerned by this increase in the frequency of her panic attacks.

Her attitude is much more positive. She is spending much more quality time with the children and they are responding to this by giving her lots more affection. She has begun CBT sessions. She has regained her optimism.

Marie has set herself a goal - to get a dog. This is the first specific goal which Marie has set herself since I met her more than 8 years ago! The deal I have made with her is that she can get one when she is able to walk outside enough to let the dog go to the toilet. I don't normally interfere with Marie's aspirations, but on this occasion I am unwilling to take on the extra responsibility of looking after a dog, so if Marie is to have one, she will have to provide at least some of the care required. So far she has managed 15 steps from our front door. This may not seem much of an achievement, but it's 13 more steps than last week!

An yes...for those of you who read my last post...the increased libido is still here :-) !!

Friday, 1 August 2008

Increased Medication for Anxiety

Marie has been really suffering while getting accustomed to her medication - Cipramil (Citalopram or Celexa
). She's had loads of panic attacks, although not major ones. She went through a period of wanting to sleep all the time. Lethargy ruled. But little by little she rejoined the world.

It was more than two weeks before she started to feel more "normal". Then her doctor visited, gave her a thorough check over and decided to double the dose! However, this time it hasn't taken so long to become used to the drugs.

Today Marie told me that she felt less anxious than she has done for a long, long time. Well, it seems like a long, long time to me. Perhaps it's the start of better times? I've got to be optimistic!

Btw, Marie's libido has increased. Not that I'm complaining! But I was wondering - is this a (welcome) side-effect of her medication - or am I just more irresistable than usual?