Saturday, 25 October 2008

Single Parent with 3 Kids

In my last post, I wrote "Things can only get better."

I was premature.

Things have got worse.

But not much worse - and the situation seems to have stabilised.

Marie sleeps about 12 hours a day and when she's awake, she's extremely lethargic. I get to look after the children, the housework, the cooking, the laundry, the bills, my business and Marie - not listed in any particular order. I am, de facto, a single parent; and Marie is the 3rd child.

I thought that it was just a phase that Marie was going through, so I coped - barely - and waited for things to change. But change didn't come, so I started to wonder what was the cause of Marie's untypical behaviour. One of my daughters (not Orla, of course!) mentioned medication side-effects. Of course! Why hadn't I thought of it? I checked out the leaflet that came with Marie's Citalopram and there, under "common side-effects" was - tiredness, dizziness, nausea etc. - all the things Marie has been complaining about. But why now? Marie started Citaloprom several monthe ago. Surely the time for side-effects had passed?

When I mentioned my suspicion that she was suffering from medication side-effects, Marie was visibly relieved. I guess she had been worrying about her abnormal drowsiness. Then she explained how several weeks ago, feeling pretty good, she decided that she didn't need her medication any more. A couple of weeks later, not feeling so good any more, she realised that she had made a mistake, and started her medication again. This was when the side effects began to appear.

I spoke to the doctor next day. The doctor confirmed my belief that when Marie re-started her medication, she should have started on a lower concentration and worked her way up. The doctor subsequently came out to see Marie, gave her a good check over and pronounced her to be in excellent health. She recommended a weaker dose of Citaloprim and told Marie that the unwelcome side-effects should disappear in "a month or so".

So...another month as a de facto single parent...I can cope with that, no problem. But more importantly, my "old" Marie will be returning to me soon. Now, that's good news.


Sweetie pie said...

When I was on this medication about 10 years ago, I had the same problem. I would be yawning all day and napping as often as possible. I found switching it to taking it a couple hours before bedtime helped that problem. What time of day does Marie take it?

rosiero said...

I sympathise as everything falls to me to do, but unlike you I don't have to run a business as well. It sounds as if it is the medication that is causing it and hope that things improve soon.

Coffeecup said...

Oh dear! Why didn't the doctor explain that she must keep taking them? These SSRI's are not a short term solution, they're long term management. I empathise that she's having to do the whole process over. The side effects can be dreadful, and are often underestimated and dismissed by GP's as neurotic symptoms, which they most certainly are not.

Well done you for holding the fort! She clearly needs your support through these initial stages. You will get your wife back soon I'm sure and you can support one another again. Take care guys xxx

Kit Courteney said...

You really are a star!

Sending lots of lovely thoughts in yours and Marie's direction!

Robert said...

Hi sweetie pie. Marie takes her medication at bedtime. I'll suggest to her that she take it a couple of hours earlier and see where that leads - thanks for the pointer.

Rosiero - I'm almost certain that the situation is due to medication side effects. I hope that your situation improves, too!

Robert said...

Ms Cup - on Friday the doctor gave Marie a lengthy lecture on SSRI's and how one should approach them. She won't be making the same mistake twice!

Hi Kit! And thanks for the undeserved compliment. I'm really only doing what has to be done.

ChickPea said...

Robert - 'Only doing what needs to be done' does NOT deny you the accolade of 'Star' !! I am glad to meet you, sir, and glad to add you to my list of 'Favourites'. Long may your star shine in your heart.

Robert said...

Thanks for the compliment, c/p. And Marie is taking her meds at bedtime. You're very welcome here.