Saturday, 11 October 2008

Things...can only get better

Did you ever notice that when one thing goes wrong, more problems follow in quick succession?

Marie has been sleeping lots. Up to 14 hours a day. Not every day, but lots of days. So I have more domestic duties to perform or suffer domestic chaos. And with two young children there are lots of domestic duties!

My business is expanding. I didn't look for this (I have a fairly modest lifestyle and don't need a bigger income), but I cannot ignore opportunities. Businesses either improve or get worse - they never stay the same. I owe it to my employees to make sure that my business doesn't get worse so that they continue to have job security.

A few weeks ago, Marie spilled a drink into her laptop and killed it. The next week, she tripped while carrying my laptop and damaged parts of the hard drive, but it still functioned - just about... And then my laptop got a serious virus (my antivirus protection was up-to-date, but it doesn't stop everything) which took a week to sort out and damaged more sectors in my hard drive. It was time to renew the laptops, so we put the wheels in motion and while waiting for the new laptops to arrive, hired one...but Marie broke the screen... No laptops means no internet shopping - Marie's only means of retail therapy - and major problems for the smooth running of my business.

Then my employees started to fall ill...

Ok, the worst is over...I hope! For example, I'm using the first of the new laptops. Marie has the laptop on just about every waking hour, but she's several hours into one of her extended sleeps at the moment so I get to try it out now. The next couple of weeks will be quite hectic, but less than of late, and I'm going to try to find another suitable employee to ease the pressure. After that, things should settle down a bit.

Perhaps Marie will perk up a little.

I'm not complaining - well, perhaps I am just a little - because a lot of the complications in my life are the result of my own actions. If I was like my more normal contemporaries, I would have a couple of grown-up children living on their own who occasionally visit me to show off their children, a non-demanding job with regular hours, I would be looking forward to retirement with my post-menopausal wife and I would have a comfortable cardigan and a nice, worn, comfortable pair of slippers...

Would I swap that lifestyle for my current one?

Definitely not!


Sarah♥ said...

Good to hear from you!
How is Maries medication going?


Robert said...

Nice to hear from you, too, Sarah & sorry to hear that you are having stalking problems :(

Difficult to know what effect Marie's medication is having - if any! - but she doesn't seem to be having side effects any more. Her general anxiety level has decreased...but would it have decreased anyway? Who knows?

rosiero said...

Gosh, Marie is unlucky with laptops.
Hope you manage to get a bit of relaxation. But don't imagine retirement is any slower. Most people I know, don't know how they found time to go to work. Mine is busier than ever!!!

BlyJette said...

Awww, sorry that things have been rough... Hope that they get better soon!

It's been a while, just wanted to say hello.

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