Thursday, 1 January 2009

A Happy Christmas holiday season

Getting into the holiday mood on Christmas Eve.......Marie, Sylvia & Audrey entertain customers dressed as Cinderella & her 2 ugly sisters.

Later that evening... daughter Colleen hosts a birthday party dinner in my honour. All the family attend, so she has 15 to feed!

Next morning, and Santa Claus has called...
...and this is only part of what he left! Later there were presents from their mum & me, brothers, sisters & cousins, who all spent the afternoon and evening with us.

Here is Colm with his big sister, Carla....
....He had a really good day! We had 15 for Christmas dinner. This year Marie did all the cooking (I did it last year). She cooks the best Somerset cider ham in the county! My daughters helped her with serving & clearing up. I had the laziest Christmas Day in years!

On Boxing Day we visited Marie's family at the family home in Weymouth. More presents! Only 10 for dinner (!) Orla found a picture of her mum when she was 13...
...Is there a resemblance?

Grandma really enjoys her time with her 4 grandchildren. Here she is with 3 of them........The picture of the 4th grandchild is on the wall behind them.

On 30th December, we had a heavy frost - unusual in this part of England. The kids, the dog & I enjoyed a walk in the nearby Quantock Hills in the winter sunshine.

On New Year's Eve, Marie & other staff members dressed up as naughty schoolgirls to entertain our customers.

I'm not sure who had the most fun - the girls or the customers!

In the evening, after the children went to bed, Marie & I had a pleasant, quiet evening cuddled up on the settee watching a movie until the New Year arrived.

Today - New Year's Day, was a rest day. We needed it!

Now we're ready to face the rest of 2009.


goodfather said...

Happy New Year! It looks like you all had a great Holiday!

Best to you for 2009.

Michelle said...

Wow--it looks like Orla is holding a photo of her future self! Wild! Beautiful family you have--glad you had a great time!

Robert said...

Thanks for popping in gf & michelle! Christmas is for families, isn't it? And we've got plenty of family. How could we NOT have a good time? :D

rosiero said...

Looks like you had a busy but happy time. Best wishes for 2009.

Robert said...

Thanks rosiero. Hope 2009 is good for you, too.