Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A little old lady gets robbed

Last night a little old granny got robbed in our little town. It happened like this -

She left the local convenience store and went home. Shortly afterwards, there was a knock on her door. She opened up as far as her security chain would let her and looked out. She saw two respectable-looking men, one of whom was carrying a clipboard. They claimed that they were police officers doing a crime survey, so she opened the door fully. One of these brave men then pushed her backwards so violently that she fell right over on to her back. Keeping an eye on her and issuing threats, our two heroes ransacked her house, taking everything of value and wantonly destroying any non-value items that got in their way.

After a few minutes, it was all over.

When I saw the little old lady today, she was sporting an ugly bruise which covered a significant portion of the left side of her face. She was also showing that she had pain when she walked. But those injuries are almost insignificant compared to her real injuries - the psychological ones. Normally a popular, cheerful, gregarious lady, today she didn't wish to communicate with anyone. However, her body language exhibited her shame at being conned, being too physically weak to stand up to these vermin, being vulnerable. She's too frightened to stay in her home now; fortunately her daughter, who accompanied her today to talk on her behalf, lives nearby and she's staying with her and her family. The little old lady's self-confidence and dignity are history and she will find it difficult to regain them.

This type of crime is always perpetrated by local people, and so it was in this case. The town I live in is almost crime free, so there aren't many people capable of carrying out a crime like this. Those that are capable of doing it are well-known and the two scumbags responsible were arrested today.

Case closed.

Except for the little old lady.

And Marie.

Her anxiety level passed boiling point. I'm not sure who feels more vulnerable, Marie or the little old lady. Probably Marie. She's almost as fearful of attack as she was after surviving the armed robbery here. Our home is a veritable fortress now and no random visitor can hope to gain entry without passing her comprehensive interrogation - conducted through an upstairs window.

I expect Marie to recover fairly quickly. But the little old granny might never recover.


Kathy said...

that breaks my heart :( so sad. I'm so sorry this happened in ya'lls town. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

"...her body language exhibited her shame at being conned, being too physically weak to stand up to these vermin, being vulnerable..."

That is so sad, but unfortunately a very common reaction. I truly hope both she and your wife really do recover from this soon.

Bookworm said...

OMG I'm so sorry to hear this. How awful! My prayers go out to your family.

Bsquared86 said...

This has been going on alot over here in the states-- people victimizing the elderly. But, it never ceases to amaze me when I hear about the newest incident. I'm so sorry to hear that something like this has happened in your town.

I hope Marie feels better!

Robert said...

Kathy & Bookworm - Thanks for your kind consideration!

Robert said...

Kel - As a Belfast lad, I have seen scores of victims. The psychological consequences of violent crime are so, so underrated! I felt very emotional about my little old granny. However, Marie is less anxious today.

Anonymous said...

It is a disgrace but all too common in society. Cowards really make my blood boil. Destroying someone's life for some quick cash is about as low as you can get- more so when they are easy prey.

My wife attended some police thing years ago and they gave her a personal alarm. The noise is incredible and all you have to do is pull it apart to set it off. When her aunt, 84 years old, was mugged in the street 3 years ago for the £20 in her purse, and a broken wrist into the bargain, she gave it to her. It is the only thing I feel that has stopped her living in total fear. But you can never eradicate all of it if you endure something like that.

It is a real shame because there is really little that can be done for the woman. These cowards have done the damage. You just hope there is some karma in this world.

All the best


Robert said...

Bsquared86 - like you I am amazed at how callous crime against older people is. Takes a special kind of low-life.

When I was staying in LA, crime was rampant! I hope that things have improved now and/or that you live in one of the better suburbs.

Marie feels a little better today & thanks you for your kind wish.

Robert said...

Hi Nechtan - I totally agree with all your sentiments. I feel inadequate because I would like to reach out to that little old granny to make everything ok again, but I know I can't do that. In a low-crime area such as ours, this kind of incident seems all the more serious because it dents local people's sense of security.


They are nothing but jackals preying on the weak and defenceless.

Sadly little old ladies were brought up in a time when you could trust people more and this mind set still prevails.

Kit Courteney said...

Oooh... what utter selfish, vile *$#@%&* those people are.

Glad Marie is feeling less anxious now. Having FINALLY caught up on your blog posts, I 'discovered' her blog. How lovely to finally hear her voice! (so to speak!)

fizzycat said...

Hope the lady and Marie feel better soon.

Rachael Hale said...

That is awful, good to know that the scum have been arrested though, hopefully they will get a punishment they deserve...

I hope Marie begins to feel better soon Robert.

Anonymous said...

It is horrible to see someone innocence used against them, but the more we deal with people the more reclusive we become....I worry about my family when I am away at work.

rosiero said...

Shame on the criminals for picking on a weak old lady. They know she cannot fight back, so they are cowards. They would never attempt to try it on with a young muscle-man. Sorry it has set Marie back too. It is very unnerving and not something you expect in a small town.

Michelle said...

When we do victim empathy exercises with the kids we serve, one of the things we try to do is to get the kids to recognize ALL of the victims, which include community members who no longer feel safe from theft, etc.

I'm glad they caught the guys so quickly.

Robert said...

Thank you all for your comments. We all abhor what these guys did and I hope that they will be locked away for a very long time.

Marie is heading back to normal, but the's going to take her much, much longer - maybe forever - to recover. Such a nice lady, I think about her often.