Thursday, 3 December 2009

Medication moderated - Charles Linden Method is back

Charles Linden has a new hair style.

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"My" Marie is back.  Her sleep pattern is returning to normal, she spends time with the children, carries out more domestic duties and is beginning to look to the future.

Here's an email she sent Charles Linden:

I have had a couple of rough months as I mucked my medication up again. Cold turkey isn't a good idea as I should have learned by now.  :(   I've had laryngitis as well as the side effects of my tablets. I am feeling a bit better now and I am going continue the Linden method.. I truly believe in what you say Charles - it's just believing in myself is the problem.  :(  I am too scared as I'm letting my anxiety controll me I guess. So I need a kick up the ass. Charles, I want out of agoraphobia and I kinda have let myself down as I did not keep the work up and I kind of feel a failure as I let the anxiety control me again  :(

Recovery starts from today x

Here's his reply: 
Marie, you are not a failure! Life gets in the way sometimes. You must stop see-sawing your meds though, a stable physical foundation is what is needed in order to recover fully - you know that. Keep your meds dose level or withdraw, it's your choice, but once that is done, you can start the recovery process. Equilibrium is the watchword Marie. You can do this but try to get level first, then move forwards. You can do this Marie... look at how far you came before, there is nothing to stop you. C
 Ok, then.  Onward and upward!  Marie is listening to her therapy CDs again.  Wanting to go out in the car again.  The children are enjoying her attention.  I'm able to spend a little time attending to my business.

Life is better!


Sarah♥ said...

Two thumbs up :)

alice said...

well done

Robert said...

Thanks for your continued support, girls. :)

rosiero said...

Fingers and everything else crossed!!!!

Nechtan said...

Hi Robert,

That's fantastic news. The fact that Marie feels ready to challenge herself again is the only starting point possible. I wish her all the best and hope to see more photos like last time of you all out enjoying yourselves.

All the best


Nota Bene said...

Hip, hip hooray!

Robert said...

rosiero, Nechtan & NB - Thank for the kind comments!

Eddie 2-Sox said...

Good stuff mate, sounds positive!

Robert said...

Thanks Eddie!