Sunday, 13 December 2009

My extraordinary son

"The apple does not usually fall far from the tree."  (Der Apfel fellt nicht gerne weit vom Baume.)

If this proverb was true for my son Joseph (8), he would be untidy, unruly, unhelpful, disrespectful...  My anarchic tendencies during my formative years was the bane of my mother's life.

By comparison, Joseph is:
  • affectionate
  • neat
  • punctual
  • conscientious
  • organised
  • respectful of authority
  • considerate
  • obedient (most of the time!)
  • loving
Joseph is, academically, in the top 2 or 3 in his year at school, has the most awards for behaviour/good work, is one of the best footballers on the school and local club teams, is one of the best swimmers and the best gymnast in his school.

Now, that list of attributes would make any dad proud of his son, but Joseph has even more to offer.

During his mum's month long malaise, he has helped me around the house.  Without being prompted to do so.  He washed and cleaned the bathroom, walked the dog (close to our house), often set the table at meal times and sometimes made breakfast for all of us.  He looked after his little sister by showing her how to draw and colour in, selecting tv programmes for her to watch, often played with her and if he saw her doing something that he though was dangerous, would report it to me.  He made cups of tea for his mum.  I could continue to wax lyrical about my son, but I'm sure you've got a pretty good picture already.

Joseph, you enrich my life.  You are a truly extraordinary son.


momcat said...

He's a start and is showing a maturity in his actions far beyond his years in age.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Lovely caring piece. Can you imagine life without kids, I can't.

alice said...

just goes to show even with maries condition, you have both raised a caring and thoughtful son. hopefully he will grow up to be a sensitive adult, and you have both done a brilliant job.

nice to have a cheerful post.

rosiero said...

Awhhh bless him. What a little treasure. You have every right to be proud.

Robert said...

momcat - he's definitely more mature than I was at that age!

GOK - I can imagine life without kids. But wouldn't I be missing a lot!

alice - Actually, Marie's condition could be contributing to Joseph's caring nature. If everything was running smoothly, he would have more time to think about himself! Every cloud...and all that!

rosiero - sometimes I don't feel that I deserve these two little ones that I have now. But I'm so glad that I have them.

maz said...

Aw Robert! what a brilliant wee guy he is!

maz x

Maximum said...

Hi Robert,

Popped by for a read and to say Happy Christmas but had to comment on this post. Joseph has always struck me has a wee star. He's fantastic, but mayne it's inherited or learned from somewhere?


Jeanne ( Maximum )