Sunday, 17 July 2011

Marie's Agoraphobia, Monophobia & OCD - review of 2010

This post is somewhat overdue...

Unfortunately Marie's condition at the start of 2011 was not significantly different to what was stated in my review of 2009.

Well, that didn't take long, but now the explanation for my prolonged absence from blogging.

First of all, please let me apologise to my regular readers.  There is no adequate excuse for just "disappearing" without a word of explanation.  I have felt guilty about not explaining why I had stopped blogging and visiting the blogs of my blogging friends.  However, belatedly, below are the reasons for my absence.

Soon after my last post, over a year ago, I and my two little children went to the South of France for a holiday.  Marie, of course, didn't go.  We had a very enjoyable time.

When we returned, Marie entered a period of depression.  It was to last, on and off, for the rest of the year.

I had a non-functioning but needy wife, two little children, an autistic son, four adult daughters, six grandchildren, 2 lots of Austrian students, my voluntary work at our local school and a growing business with 14 permanent staff and some casual employees to look after.  And then the 2nd most important staff member unexpectedly retired...

I was busy!

No time for blogging.

And after a while, I lost the desire to blog.  Even if I had had the time to blog, what would I say?  Marie's not doing very well...She's still not doing very well..She's a little better...She's a little worse...   I didn't feel that I had much to say of any significance.

Also, I became very tired.

However, I have some news for everyone.  Not good news, exactly, but it might be of interest to some.  During the course of 2010, Marie became more and more interested in The Linden Method.  (Btw, I have no connection to Charles Linden or his organisation/business and I receive no payment for the preceding link or for mentioning The Linden Method.)  She became convinced that it was her way out of her anxiety-controlled existence.  And next time I have an hour or two to spare, I'll tell you about it.