Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Marie's Anxiety, Zorbing & The Cerne Abbas Giant

Marie had arranged for us to host 2 pairs of students (see previous post) - Agnes & Alice and Julia & Anna. When Agnes and Alice were here, the weather was poor most of the time, inhibiting what both the Summer Language School and the host parents could do. However, when Julia and Anna were here, the weather was mostly good, and most activity options were available.

Marie has a best friend in her home town called Claire. Claire has a sister called Rachael. Rachael had a job with a company called Zorb and had told Marie all about it. Zorb was based within a hour's drive of Marie's parents' house. (For a description of "Zorb" and "Zorbing" click on the links.) Zorbing can only take place in reasonable weather. When Julia and Anna stayed with us, the day their Summer Language School had designated "family Sunday" was warm, sunny, dry and calm. Perfect weather for visiting Marie's Mum and Dad to see their new (8-bedroom!) house - and to go Zorbing.Zorbing for Julia and Anna was Marie's idea (I hadn't even heard of it), but when we were about to go, she became very anxious and decided to stay at her parents' new home which, being well above average size, made her feel quite anxious, too. So off I went with the girls and the children.
The girls really enjoyed the experience.Afterwards I took them to see the nearby Cerne Abbas Giant, which caused them much merriment.I think our students had a pretty enjoyable day. So did the kids.

But sadly, Marie didn't...


HSP Woman said...

Oh, my! As an agoraphobic with panic disorder, just looking at the "Zorb" makes me panicky. That there is probably in my Top Ten Nightmares. Being tied down and rolled down a hill, inside a sphere?? Never. My husband would love it though. Sigh.

Robert said...

Pleased to see you dropping by again! I've been lurking at your's from time to time...

Marie never intended to go in a Zorb - there's no force on earth which would encourage her enough to do that! - but she DID want to go as a spectator, so that she could share the experience with the visiting students.

As a spectator, the best place to be is at the bottom of the Zorb track, and Marie wouldn't have made it there; so she didn't miss much by staying at her parents'.

I wasn't able to "Zorb" myself that day, since my kids were there and being "dad" is more important! But everyone who took the experience seemed to enjoy it immensely. So I expect your spouse would, as you said, love it.

I believe that to enjoy it best, you just relax and let it happen to you. Isn't that a lesson for enjoying "life"?

Ruby said...

I take my hat to Marie, my agoraphobia reaches to people as well, the thought of having people (especially strangers) staying in my house that I had to converse with would absolutely freak me out.

Sounds like everyone had a great time even though the weather was a bit wet with the first two.


Robert said...

Marie likes the house full of people! Which is lucky, considering the size of my family!

She's even got used to catering for up to 16 people!

I think it takes her mind off her agoraphobia.