Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Room for optimism

Things are looking up here.

The side-effects of Marie's medication are definitely decreasing. She doesn't require so much sleep and she is much less lethargic than of late. There is a little housework getting done. She is much more cheerful now and has started to pay the children some attention.

I've been encouraging her to adopt a daily routine (getting up at the same time each day etc.) quite successfully.

Now that I'm getting some help around the house and with the children, I'm a lot less tired and stressed. The children, without knowing the true reason why, are a lot happier too.

In addition, although Marie's agoraphobia is unchanged, her monophobia has decreased a little more. We're a long way off a major improvement in Marie's condition, but there's definitely room for optimism.


rosiero said...

I am so pleased things are better. It sometimes takes a while for medication to kick in, but we are always eager for it to work straight away so that we can feel an improvement.

Kit Courteney said...

That sounds very encouraging!

Rachael Hale said...

Hey Robert

Good to hear things are looking better for you all, it may not be major improvments but its all the little things that count. Its a slow procces, i know.

ChickPea said...

Great that things are improving, and that you are able to recognize and appreciate the fact. The regular routine is a great approach. Housework can wait ! Hope you can get some Prime Time for yourself into the day's routine. And keep looking up. See you again. x .

Lavender mace said...

I suffer from agoraphobia and understand what you are going through. I worry alot about my mother, who is the person who pretty much takes care of my "outside world".

Robert said...

Thanks everyone for the kind comments.

Rae Ann - glad you stopped by. I hope you'll pop in again!

BlyJette said...

It's good to hear that things have gotten a little better :-) Hope it keeps going that way for you all.

maz said...

Hi Robert,
That's great there are some small steps!
Each little step is a bonus!

maz x

Robert said...

Hi BlyJette & maz -

Thanks for dropping in! Every little improvement is very welcome!!

Michelle said...

Hi Robert--I'm so glad you stopped by and commented. People who "understand" are rare. Reading your blog is valuable to me because I get to see the other side of things. Thankfully, my case is not as severe, but as you can tell, I get really frustrated sometimes, and that doesn't benefit my family.

Meds can be so wacky. I'm sure you guys have experimented quite a bit. Good news that she's made some progress going outside! I'd encourage her to hold out for that retriever! (And big dogs can make people feel safe sometimes when someone else isn't around...)

Feel free to email me if you want. My agor has gotten a lot better lately due to diet. I'm convinced it would be gone if it weren't for occasional hormonal issues.

mizchulita at yahoo dot com