Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Minimising Monophobia, Messing with Medication

Last time I went to Ireland, Marie, for the first time, remained at home.  Her mother came to stay to reduce her anxiety.  That was good.

This time, she did better.

This time, she invited her friend Becky to stay with her in the evenings, and decided to stay on her own in the daytime.  And Becky doesn't even drive...

It went fine.  Just the occasional anxiety attack.  A great success.

Then I came back, tired but happy, ready to celebrate her success.  Ripe for romance.  Keen to canoodle.

But Marie went to bed.

And, for the majority of the time, that's where she has stayed since.  She only gets up to eat or to use her laptop.

Apparently, during my absence, Marie had missed two days' medication.  Only two days, but it was enough to wreak havoc.  All the side effects of her medication began again.

We've been through this before.  The side effects fade after a while and then disappear.  It takes 1 - 4 weeks.

In the meantime, it's up to me to hold everything together.  I attend to the domestic duties, chauffeur the children (who are brilliant and as supportive as their tender years will allow) and look after my business.  The typical parent in a single parent family with two young children.  Somehow I also fit in looking after Colm's needs and acting as an agony aunt to sad separated Colleen, hormonal expectant Collette, worried Jenna and Carla who has new job insecurities.  I'm a busy, busy boy.

Today Marie looked a little better and got up before lunch time.  I hope the worst is over.


Nota Bene said...

Good'd have thought two days would have been ok...hope it all settles down again

Robert said...

It will settle down in due course. For her type of medication, this length of "settling in" period is normal.

Nikki said...

Im always amazed when I read your blog, just your strength and how you keep going - keeping everything together and being there for everyone. Im sure it must be hard but you seem to cope so well with it all, its very admirable.


Madison Rose said...

Oh dear, that sounds hard. I hope you get a little bit of time to look after yourself, in between looking after everybody else!

Robert said...

Nikki - Thanks for the compliment, but I only just do what's required. What's the alternative?

MR - It's somewhat tiring and I don't really have much time to myself, but it's only for a relatively short time. Some single parents have this type of life for years, so I'm not that badly off, really, am I?

maz said...

Hi Robert,
I hope things settle soon!
Meds!!! Arrrgh we're haivng our on probs too at the minute!

stay strong
maz x

alice said...

hope marie feels better soon. its difficult sometimes to know what to do for the best in a situation. hope the pills start working again soon. x

Robert said...

maz - unfortunately (for you) you know more about meds side effects than I. At least I know that things will eventually settle down.

alice - thanks for your concern.

Nechtan said...

Hi Robert,

I hope the worst is over as you indicated for Marie. It can't be an enjoyable thing to go through. Great news though on the monophobia with some signs of hope on that front.

I don't know how you manage to hold it all together. It is quite remarkable. I do hope the future holds some time for you as you don't want to burn yourself out. Sometimes these things creep up on you.

All the best


Kaci said...

I hope the worst is over too! I am quite glad to have stumbled across your blog, it is very nice to know there are people who are so understanding and supportive, I hope I find one myself someday! :)