Saturday, 16 June 2007

2007 - NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

Maria is an OK magazine reader. Celebrities influence her.

In previous careers, I mixed with celebrities. Mostly celebrities in the music business, but some actors too. They're just people like you and me. They've got hang-ups, fears and worries just like we have, even if they've got pots of money. Celebrity status does NOT impress me - almost the opposite, in fact. When YOU do a good job, carry out a task well, operate YOU need lots of applause to carry on? Most celebs do. They've got huge inferiority complexes or self-confidence issues or similar and that's why they need constant adulation. Ooops, I've gone off on one...

Marie's first encounter with NLP was unsatisfactory,
but it wasn't with the celebrity practitioner - Paul McKenna. That's what Marie wanted. However, that's not what Paul McKenna wanted, but his organisation has a select list of associates whom he recommends. Marie reckoned that the closer an associate was to Paul, the closer she was getting to him.

And, of course, Marie believed that the more you pay, the more you get...

The 2 Pauls, Wright (left) and McKenna
Paul Wright is close to Paul McKenna, is a trainer in the P McK organisation, is a recommended associate; and is very expensive. £300 for a session. In advance. Marie wanted him. He's got a couple of websites, one of which is called

So I took a day off work and we drove about 150 miles to his house near Windsor. We were expecting a large detached residence in well-manicured grounds, possibly a miniature Windsor castle, but his house turned out to be a small (but very well presented) semi-detached house with an aging sports car outside. He made Marie feel comfortable with his jovial attitude and I read a book for longer than I expected - 2 hours, 20minutes, to be precise - while Marie and Paul were in a different room.

A happy Marie with Paul Wright
Marie was on a high after this session and we went to Windsor town centre (full of expensive, trendy shops) where I found a parking space in the main street. Marie eagerly got out of the car to test the efficacy of her NLP session...but was disappointed to find out that her agoraphobia hadn't been "turned off". But she did do better than usual and was able to explore several small shops and buy some unnecessary, overpriced gifts.

A few days later, Marie received a CD-Rom containing her whole NLP session. She watches parts of it occasionally, and Paul rings her from time to time. But really, nothing has changed.


Ruby said...

I hope Marie finds something that suits her recovery, it can be very hard, I know that personally. I find it really hard to move on and change as the "comfort zone" I have lived in for the past 19 years is very safe, even though it is life destroying, it is so scary to step out of that.
Keep trying Marie


Robert said...

Hi Ruby!

I'm afraid that Marie isn't looking for anything ese at the moment.


Anonymous said...

I have just discovered your blog. I've been suffering for this agoraphobia for a few years now and am thinking of seeing Paul for help.
I was hoping for a miracle cure but, after reading your blog, it seems that one does not exist :(
I will let you know how I get on.

Anonymous said...

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