Wednesday, 4 July 2007

2007 - A new nephew

Marie has 2 sisters. They are both older than she is, yet neither had any children...

...until this year.

Kim, the middle sister, who got married 3 years ago, gave birth to a lovely boy.
Although the birth was by way of an emergency caesarian section, mother and baby were both fine within hours.

Due to her current level of agoraphobia, Marie was unable to visit her sister and new nephew in hospital. However, within a few days of the birth we drove to their home on the south coast of Dorset to see the baby - named Sachin after the Indian cricketer - and the proud parents.

A proud Gary with his firstborn son

Kim was very relaxed with her baby while her husband, Gary, beamed with pride non-stop

Orla liked stroking his head
Our children were fascinated by the new arrival. Joseph enjoyed looking at Kim's c-section scar (actually, quite neat) and observing Sachin breast-feeding. Orla, who had been practising saying "Baby Sachin" for the previous few days, gently stroked his head and loudly voiced her delight whenever he opened his eyes.

Paternal me!

I got to nurse Sachin quite a lot and all the paternal feelings I got for each of my (7) children came flooding back.

Marie was content just to observe the proceedings and was relieved that her anxiety wasn't bothering her.

Looks good, even when asleep

A good time was had
by all!

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