Monday, 24 September 2007

Anxiety, Panic (and Agorapobia) Helpline (UK)

Many thanks to those who are/have been supporting Marie at this time. Marie is continuing to do well in her struggle with the demon agoraphobia. Although not progressing rapidly, she has been consolidating the progress she has already made. Her "new" attitude continues. The future is still bright.

One resource which she has been finding very helpful is the No More Panic site. It's a UK site, but I'm sure that they don't care where their members live. Marie seems to be able to speak to other sufferers/ex-sufferers 24 hours per day. And in the evenings (London time) there is a whole community there to chat to.

Any dear readers who haven't had a look at this site...can I recommend that you have a look at it now? Let Marie & me know what you thought of it.


Sarah♥ said...


I've been an active member of that website since last year. I find it's like all larger forums, it's not as personal as the old one i use to belong to. Don't get me wrong, you'll get all the support you need at No more IS very helpful indeed.


Anonymous said...

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