Friday, 7 September 2007

Family Holiday & Agoraphobia

I have endured family holiday photos many times. I always say things like "Wow, that looks really nice" or "Those are really nice photos" or "Looks really good - you must have had a really good time", but I NEVER say what I'm really thinking, which would more likely be "How soon will this be over..."

Our family holiday was at a holiday park in Woolacombe, SW England,
chosen specifically for its children's facilities. Not all that far from where we live. My daughter Jenna, her husband Colin and my granddaughter Elisha shared the holiday accommodation with us.

My family photos aren't spectacular viewing, either, but I have a point to make by showing them...

Orla, Joseph and Elisha enjoy the playgrounds.
Orla (and Joseph) liked the adventure playgrounds, too.
Both kids liked the indoor play areas.
There was a good crรจche.
Carla brought my other grandchildren to visit one day. Here is Shannon.
Everybody, adults and children, enjoyed the various pools.
Orla really enjoyed the pools. Here she is with Jenna & Elisha nearby and Carla & Reece in the background.
Joe and grandson Lee enjoyed the water slides & flumes.
Everyone joined in at the bowling alley.
We went to the clubhouse most evenings. There was a kids' disco before the adult entertainment.
Joe enjoyed many other activities.
Joseph went to the Kids' Club most days.

The kids had an absolutely terrific time, and the adults were able to enjoy a few drinks and quality entertainment at the clubhouse in the evenings. The holiday park's facilities exceeded our expectations, and the holiday was a great success.

So what was missing?

Or rather, who's missing? Who isn't in any of the photos above?

It's Marie. Because of her agoraphobia, she couldn't be with us. She stayed with her parents, instead.

Isn't that sad...?


HSP Woman said...

Oh, I totally understand why Marie chose not to join. It's so depressing to miss out on "life." I'd love to read something from Marie's perspective. You are a good husband to keep on keeping on even when she can't. I'm lucky my husband is patient and compassionate, too.

Tell Marie I understand her challenges. I am exactly the same way.

Seriously! It'd be great to hear from Marie!

zenfrog said...

I agree, it would be lovely to hear from Marie.

I just found your blog the other day after I'd decided to start one of my own about my own agoraphobia and if you take a peek at mine you'll see the amazing coincidence relating to the Isle of Skye trip you took.

Other things in your blog made me think and I'll be writing about that shortly. It is very sad about missing out on family life.

There have been a few family things just lately that I have been unable to attend, my children, their partners and my granddaughters papa, and nanna are over from Ibiza and I've been unable to go to any of the family events.

Please ask Marie if she'll write a few words.


Robert said...

Hi hsp woman!

I blog and my wife prefers to use messenger services/emails/My Space etc. She would be happy to communicate with you. To avoid giving her details to the general public, could you please email me your email addresses and/or messenger details?

Because Marie, as a mother, has never experienced family holidays or outings (other than picnics), she doesn't fully appreciate what she's missing. Perhaps that's a blessing...


Robert said...

Hi zenfrog -

Thanks for visiting!

I have read your blog and the similarities between your aborted Skye trip and ours are amazing!

I'll be a regular visitor at you blog, so I'm putting a link to it from my blog.

As I told hsp woman, if you send your email address/messenger details to me by email, my wife would be happy to communicate with you.


Me said...

Hi Robert
Thanks for linking my site. I will send you my email shortly as I'd love to hear from Marie. I don't do msn or real time chats, I prefer blogging as you do, or email.
Best wishes