Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Winter??? Wonderland

It hardly ever snows here in our little town by the sea. And when it occasionally does, it doesn't sit. Just melts away straight away. But sometimes it snows properly on the surrounding hills.

On Sunday last, snow was forecast for our general area, and, true to form, we got about 43 snowflakes. ...Which immediately disappeared on hitting the ground. The kids were most disappointed. They had seen
snow on various TV programmes, but had never seen the real thing. So, when one of my daughters who lives 20 miles away inland told me that it was snowing in her area, I decided that I would take the kids to the highest hill near us and hope for snow.

Naturally, Marie couldn't go.

We struck lucky. Just as we reached the car park at the summit of the hill, it started to snow gently. The children were mesmerised. They had to go for a walk in the snow. So off we went down picturesque forested paths. Suddenly the snow got heavier...and heavier...and it was a blizzard! The children got very excited, but I thought we had better head back to the car.

The blizzard didn't last long, easing off until we were back to gentle snow, but we now had a few inches of snow on the ground - enough for it to crunch beneath our feet. Nearing the car park, there was a clearing and the children began to make (and throw) snowballs. Joseph was disappointed that there wasn't enough snow to make a snowman.

After a while, little hands became cold hands (see the picture below, where Orla is holding up her cold hands for inspection) and it was time to go home.

Once home (still devoid of snow), the children excitedly related to Marie their exploits and experiences. Marie listened wistfully. Just for a moment, the disguised melancholy in her expression became visible.


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maz said...

Hi Robert the little ones look like they had a ball or should I say...snowball! LOL

I'm glad they got have some snow fun,it's a shame Marie couldn't enjoy it too.

Take care,
maz x