Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Monophobia & Agoraphobia

I recently learned a new word – monophobia. It’s not a new word, so I don’t know why I never came across it before, and it’s a useful word for me to use in relation to Marie’s condition. As I’m sure everyone knows, this is the fear of being alone. It sometimes occurs on its own, but mostly it’s an optional (lol) add-on to agoraphobia or social phobia. Marie used to have the extra-special platinum version of this, where she was unable to be anywhere without one of a few safe people: now she has the common-or-gard en platinum version, where she can stay at home alone as long as a safe person can get to her within about 3 minutes. This might not sound like a big improvement, but its repercussions have been vast. No longer do I have to drag “safe” friends/relatives/neighbours away from their families/leisure activities to our home. Now all I have to do is to check that they’re not going out anytime soon, and I (most often accompanied by our kids) can be away, hiking in the hills/paddling in the pool/playing in the park or just shopping in the supermarket. Nor are the benefits one-sided – Marie now gets some time on her own and she can enjoy a little husband and children-free tranquillity.

In other areas, Marie’s situation hasn’t changed from that of recent posts, mainly because she isn’t trying much to make it change. However, her “change is possible” attitude is still with her, and while that’s the case, change is inevitable – even if it’s at a snail’s pace.

There’s still optimism here!
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Rachael Hale said...

I didnt know what that meant! Im glad Marie is continuing to feel positive, i hope it carries on!

On a different note Robert, have you heard from Charla via email or anything? she hasnt posted on her blog for a while and in her last post she was quite depressed.

Coffeecup said...

Snails pace is so much better than no pace, it's still moving forward whatever speed it goes at. Never heard of monophobia either til now. Gosh! It's attitude that makes all the difference. If you believe that you can do something then you can. Not so easy in reality. It's those doubts that keep us trapped isn't it? You gotta believe! So pleased for you Marie. I hope it carries on too, so much. ;-)

Robert said...

Well girls, I thought I was probably the only person who hadn't heard of monophobia. Perhaps I'm not so dumb after all!

And I have to agree; all steps forward - no matter how small - are better than nothing, and MUCH better than any step backwards.

maz said...

Robert I didn't know what it meant either LOL!

It was interesting to find out more about it though!


maz x

Anonymous said...

Hello Robert. My name is Nadia from Australia. I'm curious to find out any information regarding Monophobia. I have a 10yr son Ethan who needs someone in any room he is in. I am noticing it more and more now and I am confused on what I can do. If anyone has any information or advice for me please email me at

I hope Marie is going well.



Anonymous said...

How lucky for Marie to have the wonderful understanding husband that you are. Goes to prove that love and patience, conquers all. Thanks for this honest blog.

hopetocope said...

Robert, I like your blog. I don't have monophobia, but I do understand the terrible feeling of not having anyone. There were times, a lot of time, when I was a child like that.