Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Pre-Christmas rush

It's been a very, very busy time, this pre-Christmas period. I expect it is for most families-with-small-children in the western world. In the past 10 days, I have been to a Guides'/Brownies' Christingle service, Joseph's school's Christmas nativity play, Joseph's school's Christmas carols service, our town Christmas concert with the combined town brass bands (we have 2 brass bands in this tiny town) and Joseph's school choir, Orla's pre-school group's nativity play, Orla's pre-school group's Christmas party (featuring Father Christmas), the town's Christmas shopping festival with a seasonal performance by a group of children from Joseph's school (including Joseph)– and dress rehearsals for some of the aforementioned. Pre-Christmas events are nearly over, with only the Scouts'/Cubs' Christingle service this evening and Joseph's school party on Friday afternoon.

This is also the busiest period for my business.

It was a little unfortunate, therefore, that Marie had a “bad” spell at this time.

Despite all of the above, I still found a little time to go rock climbing with Joseph.

I had my nephew to visit. Orla likes him!

I walked Blaze and rescued him from Orla!

Marie's bad spell wasn't a major one. She was able to dress Orla as an angel for her nativity play.

She made a Christmas cake, and let Orla help...

However it was my mother-in-law who rescued me from almost certain burnout and terminal domestic chaos! Many, many thanks to her! She went back home again last night after spending 5 days with us. As well as rescuing me, she also helped to cheer up Marie, who appears to be back to her normal self. By the end of this weekend, my busiest business period will have ended and although still very busy, will be gradually be returning to normal. I'll be able to relax a little!

Finally, here is a short video clip of my precocious 3 year old with her big brother. It ends with her picking her nose! Please forgive the quality of the clip.


goodfather said...

Orla is so adorable! Wow, you had one busy pre-Christmas schedule! I hope things settle down a bit.

Great pics! And the video is awesome, even at the end (nose picking was hardly noticeable). :D

Kit Courteney said...

Beautiful children.

Beautiful pictures.

And a lovely video!

You are one busy man!

I hope Santa brings you everything you deserve... as it'll be massive!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Flipping heck you lead a busy life. But wouldn't life be boring any other way.

Lavender mace said...

Great shots you've got here.

She looks like an angel :) what a charmer.

You must be one of those people who get more done on the weekends then most do all week long.

rosiero said...

I remember that pre-Christmas whirl of children's parties and nativities and carols and... and...

Lovely photos and video of the children, especially Orla liking her cousin!! She is so cute.

Rachael Hale said...

Orla is beautiful, she looks like a little angel!

Robert said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. I AM biased, but I think I've got the best kids...

Kaci said...

Orla is adorable! I hope Marie is feeling better. Bad spells are so frustrating!