Monday, 29 December 2008


This has nothing to do with anything I normally write about. It was inspired by a comment left on Steph's blog by Sarah. The subject of UFO's was raised. So here goes...

On Xmas eve I went to my daughter Colleen's house in Taunton, where she , Carla & Collette were hosting a birthday party for me (yes, my birthday is on Christmas Eve). It had been a beautiful day, and the evening was bright and clear with lots of stars and no moon.

At about 8 o'clock, my son-in-law, smoking a cigarette outside in the garden, called everyone outside to see the strange lights in the sky. We all piled out to see six (I think), fairly large, bright lights in the sky, all the same size, travelling in formation. Like a diamond with a tail. One by one they peeled off the formation, dimmed and slowly disappeared. My kids were outside, too, and we told them that it was Santa and his sleigh. When the lights had nearly all disappeared, we went inside again to continue our revelries.

It's only NOW that I am wondering what those lights were.

Ufo's? Surely not...


Lynn said...

Happy Birthday!!! What with your birthday on Christmas Eve and Maries on boxing day your house must be over run with presents right now. Hope you had a good one

Anonymous said...

Hey dude UFO's are as real as you see. Just ask me.
Much respect,

Casdok said...

Wow i bet your kids were even more excited after that!!
Belated happy birthday.

maz said...

Hi Robert I'm undecided on UFO's but it seems the most sane and rational people claim to have saw something so who knows!

It sure sounds exciting!
I'm curious though and I wonder how many others saw them and put it down to the demon drink!!

maz x

Sarah♥ said...

Something is going on "out there"...
Thanks for sharing :)


Mandy said...

Hi Robert

I am one of those people who is, more often than not, unsure what to believe.

I used to watch that Yvette Fielding programme and thought it all utter drivvle. However, like Maz, I have heard stories from people who are not inclined to flights of fancy.

I have also experienced, thankfully only the once, something that I could not rationalise into anything other than a pretty spooky encounter.

so whilst I think alot of what is portrayed as extra terrestrial or supernatural is bunkum, there are things that have gone on or are going on that aren't easily explained away.

Hope the double whammy of a birthday and Christmas meant more enjoyment for you and your family :>)

Coffeecup said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Some spooky stuff going on around here Robert. Will be interesting to see if anyone comes up with a plausible explanation for what you saw. Far more exciting than my pathetic flare! Aliens or Santa? Most definitely..


Robert said...

Thank you all for your comments and, where appropriate, the birthday wishes.

Mandy - I too have a tale to tell about unexplained happenings. But for me, that's all they are - unexplained. When others tell me that paranormal or ufo experiences would frighten them, I always reply "Bring them here. I WANT those experiences. I want to ask questions, find out as much as possible." Alas, the paranormal and outer space entities are not granting me my wish.