Thursday, 5 March 2009

A little less agoraphobia

So, is Marie getting better?

Yes, I think, a little. Or, as Marie thinks, a lot – it depends on one's perspective.

Here we have Marie checking out how much

rice she can fit into her mouth at one time.

We have been going out more. Marie has been accompanying me on some business trips – those that don't start early in the morning and don't require her to walk more than a few steps from the car.

On Friday evening, we dined at the Mariam Indian restaurant in Taunton, since the children were visiting one of their older sisters – Colleen. They have an excellent and extensive menu. Superb service. We had an excellent meal and paid surprisingly little for it.

Marie allows me to go a-wandering deep

into the countryside as long as she can see me.

On Sunday afternoon we toured around West Somerset for a few hours while the children attended a birthday party. We had lunch at Exford Bridge Tearooms. We sat and ate in comfy armchairs beside the open fire. I cannot remember the last time I sat beside an open fire! Great local food which might seem pricey at first, but it's really only average for the area. We had to park the car across the road, and I was pleased to see that Marie was able to go there. Another small sign that things are improving.

Blaze is 8 months old now. Time to see how good he is at snogging.

I'm pleased to relate that Marie still prefers me.

Afterwards, we enjoyed the lovely early spring sunshine (yes, the trees are budding and some buds are sprouting embryo leaves - spring is on its way) on top of one of the Exmoor hills. I am at my most relaxed in the countryside and despite her anxiety, Marie feels relaxed too. Blaze, who accompanied us, had lots of fun rolling around in the heather, sniffing the country smells and running along sheep tracks - never going too far away from Marie & me.

On Monday, Marie and I were once more driving around West Somerset while the children were at school/nursery school. This time we stopped in the beautiful medievil village of Dunster where we had coffee in the rather expensive Cobblestones café, served by indifferent staff. We'll go somewhere else, next time. Again, the car was parked across the road. Marie not only coped with this, but also managed to look at a few of the shops around the café.

Beautiful Dunster is dominated by its castle,

but Marie isn't able to explore it just yet.

On the home front, things haven't changed much, except that Marie is getting up a little earlier.

Marie believes that her change of attitude and new impetus to get well has come about as a result of her hypnotherapy. I believe that her attitude had already changed when she took the trouble of locating and contacting the hypnotherapist, and arranging the first appointment. Furthermore, she has listened to his mp3 every night for the past 3 weeks. This dedication to the cause is a first.

Yes, Marie is getting better.


♥ Kathy said...

That's awesome news! Go Marie!

Kit Courteney said...

What a wonderfully positive post!

Long may it continue.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

I am so happy for both of you. Dare I say it sounds almost like normality. Yet it must be better than that because when you don't have that for so long it makes every moment of it so better.

Marie has to be congratulated on her attitude and I really hope she takes strength in the knowledge that although the hypnotherapy is a massive help it is her own inner strength and atitude that are bringing about the changes.

All the best


Sarah♥ said...

This makes me so happy to read :)
No one deserves wellness like Marie!

WesleyG said...

That's great news! I'm glad the hypnotherapy seems to have worked.

Congrats! She's on the road to recovery.

Rachael Hale said...

This is wonderful, well done Marie!
I hope things continue to improve and the positive attitude continues

Anonymous said...

You guys make a pretty good team...good times ahead for both of you. It is nice when you can go out and poor service is your biggest issue...

rosiero said...

I am so pleased Marie is venturing out a little more. It means you can share experiences together and it will give her the confidence to build on her successes. Long may it continue.

Robert said...

Thank you everyone for you suppport. I'm hoping that I'll be writing many more positive posts!

Sweetie pie said...

Robert, that is so wonderful to read! I LOVE your pictures when you post them! Congrats to Marie for all her progress! Its hard to just do one trip in a month when you're agoraphobic, let alone so many in a few weeks! Shes doing so well!

Kaci said...

I am glad to hear that Marie is feeling better! I hope the best for her! I wish I had scenery like that around here. I am quite envious :)

Ana said...

I just wrote a post telling a little about the time I was agoraphobic.
Hope it helps.
You are a great person being beside her the way you are.

maz said...

I'm so pleased for you both!
That's brilliant news!

maz x

Robert said...

Kaci - We are SOOOO lucky! Loads of lovely hill, sea, forest, woodland, river and cliff scenery all right beside us!

Ana - I'm on my way over there now...

SP & maz - Thank you for caring!

Bsquared86 said...

Beautiful pictures!It's so good to hear about Marie's progress! With spring on its way, I hope that you all get to enjoy more moments like these!

Ruby said...

What and awesome and positive post, you are doing so great Marie, this hypnotherapy may deserve a look in here in Oz too, sounds like it is working wonders for you.

Ana said...

I'm feeling stupid. I always thought that agoraphobia was a symptom and not a condition in itself.
What I wrote is for those who have agoraphobia as a symptom.
I will write a second post on agoraphobia showing this side.
I'm very sorry for your wife problem lasting so long.
I hope she has real help from now on.
Yours truly,

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Hi Robert - I am Westerwitch from Purplecoo - I have sent you an email re Purplecoo . . .

Yes I think you are right - Marie's first steps on the road to recovery happened because she chose to make the phone call . . . good for her.

Robert said...

Bsquared86 & Ruby - Thanks for your kind comments!

Ruby - Hypnotherapy on its own doesn't have a great record for alleviating agoraphobia. Marie's therapist also does CBT with her.

WW/H - Thanks for dropping in!

Ana - Don't beat yourself up! Agoraphobia is a very misunderstood condition!

Michelle said...

This sounds really great!! Makes me wonder what's on that MP3!

I was sooo happy this morning because I rode my bike on the trail BY MYSELF in isolated places.

It's totally worth celebrating gains!

nightworrier said...

That sounds like a great trip and thats fantastic news. Marie is a very strong woman. It takes a lot to take small steps. Then they turn into bigger steps as she has found. Really good too hear.

Jenn said...

yes! This is great news!

I don't know if I've mentioned it before but look up Claire Weekes and try some of her stuff

Yay for Marie. Shit is tough, but it CAN get better