Saturday, 7 March 2009

Conquering agoraphobia with The Linden Method

Some years ago, after reading advertisements online, I bought the rather expensive (£117.00) The Linden Method for Marie. The picture shows what I got for my money - plus 12 months unlimited telephone support. Click on the picture if you want to go to his website. It was going to take away her anxiety, I was promised - moneyback guarantee - so it was money well spent, wasn't it?

I can't comment about the efficacy of The Linden Method because Marie didn't read it. She skimmed through the book, perused the CDs and DVDs, put the whole lot down and never looked at any of it again. I read the book and considered it amateurishly written. I said so in part of a post some time ago. I also questioned the accuracy of some of the claims made in the advertisement.

Some months later and much to my surprise, I received an email from the author himself, Mr Charles Linden. He expressed his distaste for my comments and suggested that Marie and I should visit him so that we could see for ourselves how effective his method was. At that time, I didn't believe that Marie was sufficiently motivated to take Charles up on his offer. My belief was confirmed when I told Marie about the email, and she showed no interest whatsoever in it.

Times have changed.

Without any prompting from me (or anyone else), Marie emailed Charles Linden on Tuesday. On Wednesday he phoned her and we are going to visit him in Kidderminster, in England's East Midlands, in a couple of weeks. Kidderminster is about 3 hours' drive from our home, but I don't mind that, if it will help Marie. The reason why we're not going sooner – I'm off to Paris this weekend.

Yes, later on I'm taking my 2 little children, 2 of their big sisters and 3 of my grandchildren to Paris, where we shall be staying in Disneyland – more specifically, Sequoia Lodge in Disneyland. We might visit the lovely city of Paris itself, but the current exchange rate is a great discouragement. Marie will be staying at her parents' house for the week.

<<A bientôt, mes copains!>>


Nechtan said...

Hi Robert,

Have a great time at Disneyland. Like Marie I had to stay at home when my wife took the kids- with her mum, sister and others. They had a fantastic time there. I hope the kids really enjoy it.

I won't comment on the Linden Method or the author as it would not be fair. I have now read the manual and came to the same conclusions as yourself. Fingers crossed that he can help Marie. I am glad to hear you will be there with it which always helps.

All the best


Blogger with Ocd said...

Wow, that's neat that Linden contacted you! Good luck with it.

You're the second blogger I've seen this week to comment on the Linden Method. Interesting.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Fascinating. People like me can only wish you support, we know nothing but I view your progress with interest.

WesleyG said...

wow, weird...I just started the linden method. I'm on only pillar one but for the first time in years I have been able to stay in a good mood for days.

That's incredible that he has contacted you though but too bad marie doesn't want to speak with him.

I know there is a ton of crap on the internet claiming to be able to solve any disease with a simple program but this method has actually helped me and I just started it. I'm glad someone else has mentioned this though, that's great.

Anonymous said...

wow, I will be most interested to see how Marie's meeting with Charles Linden goes. I have heard so much about him but have never been able to afford it :(.

Madison Rose said...

I wonder if Mr Linden contacting you shows that he's a good, honest man who cares about whether his method works, or if it shows that he's got an eye on the large number of potential customers who follow this blog?

I'm glad to hear that Marie is getting a little better, and I hope you have a wonderful time in Paris!

Mandy said...

Hi Robert

Read something about Charles Linden on Panic Room's blog. As I wrote on there if it helps people..however many then that is good.

I am not keen on things that request large or continual amounts of money to be exchanged...although the amount of money being spent on MH services (that don't seem to do much) makes me question their relevance and so if paying a set amount then means some quality and relevant support is available then it is worth trying (if the money is there).

I wish Marie the best with her meeting and hope you and family have a great time in Disneyland.

took Em there when she was younger, she loved it. :>)

The Dotterel said...

Interesting developments, Robert. Hope the meeting with Linden goes well, and that the trip to Paris was a success.

Michelle said...

Wow! I can't wait to see the follow-up post for this one! Have fun!

fizzycat said...

Paris Disney is wonderful, have a lovely time there. Good luck to Marie and yourself meeting Mr Linden.

Bsquared86 said...

Disneyland! What fun! Good luck with both your trip to Disneyland & Kidderminster.

Robert said...

Hi everybody & thanks for your feedback. I'm back home again and "sort of" back to the "normal" routine. I have a member of staff absent, so I'm busier than normal.

Marie continues to keep listening to her hypnotherapy mp3 - well, not every day now... :( I don't know what exactly she's doing re the Linden method, but I don't see any change in her condition. More detailed reports about this and other events in my family's life will be found on this blog soon.