Thursday, 28 May 2009

Agoraphobia - a little more progress

I was very busy last week and this week is no different. One of my key members of staff is on holiday and the tourist season started in earnest last weekend (one of my businesses is very much tourist related). Put together, it has meant that I'm regularly putting in 12 hour days, 7 days a week - a bit of a change for someone who normally, mainly due to childcare duties, works part time! This has meant that Marie has been forced to spend more time looking after the children and less time fighting her anxiety issues. Whatever she does on the anxiety front has had to be done without my assistance. Perhaps that's good?

Joseph is off school this week. It's the spring holiday week. This means that Marie has had some welcome company at home.

I am very pleased to relate that Marie has continued to expand her horizons. Twelve days ago she drove 25 miles, accompanied by the children, ending up in Taunton, our nearest major town (we live in a very rural area). She visited my eldest daughter, Carla. She drove there again this week.

Most days, Marie has been taking Blaze (our dog) to an area suitable for him to run around unfettered. Usually she is accompanied by one or both of our children. While she doesn't walk far from the car herself, she is becoming accustomed to parking in quiet country areas, often without anyone else in sight.

So, not much progress with walking - Marie feels that she needs me to accompany her to try that - but plenty of activity on the driving front. Pretty good, yes?

Next week I'll be back to more or less normal working hours and I'll be able to assist Marie in whatever way she chooses. I hope to report continued progress in due course!


Michelle said...

Wow. I am so jealous of Marie being able to drive 25 miles with the kids. I haven't done that in about ten years. :-( Walking isn't a problem, though. Agoraphobia is so strange... Good for Marie on the driving!

robert said...

Michelle - Another comment I'll point out to Marie! I agree with you about agoraphobia - everyone's experience of it is different!

rosiero said...

Fingers crossed she progresses from strength to strength.

Kit Courteney said...

Blimey - the driving is really going somewhere (excuse the pun) now. How lovely for all of you that such progress is being made.

Marie rocks! (She also drives!)

maz said...

Aw Robert, that's great news!

maz x

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

It is quite unbelievable how things have changed for the better in such a relatively short space of time. I was looking back at your 2008 summary post and you can feel the resignation of another year passing without any progress. I'll bet when you wrote that you would never have thought things would have changed so much less than 6 months later.

There appears to be some sort of normality coming back into your life which must be a great feeling. Still there is a long way to go but things have come so far already. I really am pleased for you and your family because it is everyone who benefits.

I hope the walking goes well. Some areas are more of a challenge than others. It is all looking really good for the future.

All the best


Robert said...

rosiero, KC & maz - Thanks for your support!

Nechtan - Absolutely correct...I couldn't have predicted the changes in Marie's life. I was waiting for the "great need for change" without which nothing was going to change. The Linden Method may have been the vehicle for change, but without Marie's desire to give it a go (we had the Method in our house, gathering dust for about 3 years) nothing was going to be different from the usual. The biggest beneficiaries of Marie's progress have been the children. They now have many more shared experiences with Marie and a closer relationship with her.

Paussie said...

Congratulations Marie!

25 miles really is some going. I work about 25 km's from where I live and any further would put me in a tizwaz and indeed, last week, I had to have Mrs Paussie and mother-in-law Paussie come on a journey with me because it was a step too far.

That's awesome progress!

Robert said...

P - Praise indeed! As one of your admirers, Marie will be well pleased when I tell her about your super comment!

lavendermace said...

Its great she's stepping out like that.

I only go out with Mom and try to stay close to the car in my way. If I start thinking about how far away it is at any given moment, I have to go to it. Sometimes, once I'm there for a minute or two I can go back to something else. Treat it a bit like a mobile base I guess.

Kudos :)