Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Men Only Weekend

I had a "men only" weekend.

There was just me, my son Joseph and my younger grandson, Reece. Marie had gone to her parents' house for the weekend and Orla had gone with her. (She didn't drive there - I took her halfway and her father took her the rest.)

Joseph and Reece were as good as gold. They played computer games, games on the games consoles and board
games. Lots of games. They also drew and coloured-in, built buildings and vehicles with Lego and drove toy cars around the rooms.

On Saturday, we went to the playground, played football and basketball and went to the beach where they dodged the flying spray from the waves as they crashed into the rocks with tireless vigour.

On Sunday - the weather was superb - we went to a picturesque combe (local word for valley) in the Quantock Hills. Blaze came too, of course. Here, after 30 minutes walk, the boys attempted to dam the river. I had to help, too. Naturally. For about an hour. Then we climbed to the top of one of the sides of the combe where we enjoyed spectacular views of, on one side, wild countryside; on the other side, the nearby sea (a couple of miles away). Then we made our way back to the car using a path on top of the hills.

Very noticeable was the absence of shrill female voices - particularly Orla's. One doesn't realise how noisy a 3 year old girl constantly is until she's absent. Apart from her noise, there is the never-ending stream of parental directions about what she should/should not do.

Joseph and I discussed this on Sunday evening, just after dropping Reece home and before meeting the returning females
"Dad..." said Joseph, "it's really quiet without Orla, isn't it?"
"Yes. Is that good or bad?"
"Really good!"
"Would you like her to stay away forever?"
Joseph pondered. But only for a second.
"No." It was unequivocal. "I'd miss her."



Coffeecup said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos!! The one of Joseph is just lovely. How you got him in focus and blurred the background really makes it look immediate and in the moment. Wow! I'm so jealous that you have that kind of scenery on your doorstep, the colours are incredible!!

I couldn't stop by and not comment on them. Sorry if I came across badly in my previous comment, just my jaw dropped open when I learned about Marie's amazing achievements, and probably was expecting to read more of a reaction in tune with what I was thinking. I'm such a dummy. So sorry Robert. :-(

Anonymous said...

My son and I get a few hours here and there, but not a weekend. We'd spend it eating stuff we weren't supposed to and watching stuff get blown up...that sounds fun.

Camping would be good for us too.

Nice pictures...I am jealous.

Angel said...

I took the picture of Joseph and the one with the two dogs... :-)


Robert said...

Ccup - I can't take the credit for 2 of the photos. I didn't have any very recent photos of Joseph or the dog on his own, so Marie suggested that I use her pics.

No need to apologise for your previous comment. When I subsequently read my post, I could totally see where you were coming from. I should have shown more apprciation of the effort Marie had put into progressing as much as she had.

You're right about the beauty of the countryside around here. I realise that I am incredibly lucky to be able to live and earn my living in this area.

Robert said...

MTAE - Joseph & I don't do junk food very often. I try - mostly successfully - to show him the benefits of healthy eating. But watching things get blown up - we're totally into that! However, when the weather is good, you'll mostly see us outdoors.

Nota Bene said...

aaah women...can't live withoy 'em, can't live with them. Or something. sounds a fun w/e

WesleyG said...

Sounds like a fun day...but the whole Yankees hat thing has to go.

What can I say, I'm a Red Sox fan :)

Robert said...

NB - I can live with women ok. But it's nice to have a break from them once in a while!

WG - Joseph doesn't know anything about the hat he's wearing!...apart from the fact that it keeps the sun out of his eyes, and it's cool to wear that type of hat. I'll educate him when he gets older.

Mandy said...

Hi Robert

Were you in Scotland? Am asking because the last looks very similar to places I have been there.

Glad you had a goot time with you boys.

Mandy said...

P.S. Scuse my spelling.

I haven't put me glasses on...daft bat.

Robert said...

Mandy - The photo is of the Quantock Hills, Somerset. But the low hills of Scotland are similar (lived there for a few years).

I ca'nt see propetly wighout ym glasess too!