Thursday, 5 July 2007

2007 - Current Level of Agoraphobia

Marie cannot-
  • Be alone at home at any time - except (new!!) for a few minutes while I go to the nearby convenience store. There must be a "safe" person in the building, where our home is, at all times. There must be either her car or mine parked outside. I must have my mobile phone with me - but (new!!) if I go into a building with a landline (e.g. a swimming pool), I don't have to have access to my mobile all the time (so I can go swimming)
  • Walk outside our building except to get into a car
  • Walk more than 2 metres (yards) from a car
  • Go anywhere except by car, with a safe person
  • Go into any large building - e.g. supermarkets, the doctors' surgery, hospital, office blocks
Marie can-
  • Go almost anywhere by car with a "safe" person (except remote areas).
  • Stay at home without me but with another "safe" person in the building, and (new) that safe person doesn't have to be a driver
Her OCD remains unchanged.

Marie's agoraphobia continually changes. When I look back over what she could and could not do in 1999, 2002 and 2003, I wonder what it is that affects Marie's condition... It will improve in some areas while simultaneously get worse in others. One area which started to improve towards the end of 2006, and continues to improve, is Marie's ability to stay at home without me. I can now go to the local Co-op in the evening if required. This is a first, since Marie and I got together. Also, during the day when I have staff working in the premises adjacent to our home, I can go to nearby towns while Marie stays at home. And at weekends, when Sharyl is here, I can take the kids out to the beach, the park, shopping, the swimming pool, etc.

Which leads conveniently to...introducing Sharyl.

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