Friday, 1 August 2008

Increased Medication for Anxiety

Marie has been really suffering while getting accustomed to her medication - Cipramil (Citalopram or Celexa
). She's had loads of panic attacks, although not major ones. She went through a period of wanting to sleep all the time. Lethargy ruled. But little by little she rejoined the world.

It was more than two weeks before she started to feel more "normal". Then her doctor visited, gave her a thorough check over and decided to double the dose! However, this time it hasn't taken so long to become used to the drugs.

Today Marie told me that she felt less anxious than she has done for a long, long time. Well, it seems like a long, long time to me. Perhaps it's the start of better times? I've got to be optimistic!

Btw, Marie's libido has increased. Not that I'm complaining! But I was wondering - is this a (welcome) side-effect of her medication - or am I just more irresistable than usual?


Coffeecup said...

Must be you then handsome! The tablets are notorious for killing libido. Marie clearly finds you irresitable, and who can blame her?

....winks! ;-)

Glad you're feeling less anxious Marie, it must be sweet relief? Hope you go from strength to strength babes. Xxx

Rachel's Diary said...

ohhh it will be the stunning you!!! LOL...and you know it ya bugga !!! kisses

Kit Courteney said...

I recently found your blog. I do not have agoraphobia, and I know no one with it, but you write with such honesty that I am hooked now.
I wish you and your family very best wishes, indeed.
Kit C :0)

Robert said...

Hi all from the sex god!!!

Only joking :(

Increased sexual appetite is one of the long, almost illegible list of possible side effects. So I haven't suddenly developed into a sex god, after all.

...I wonder how long this increased libido lasts...

Robert said...

Hi Kit!

And thanks for dropping by. And thanks too for the compliment about my writing skills. I'm going to tell everyone what you said and be unbearable for the rest of the day ;) !!

maz said...

Probably a combination of both! LOL

maz x

rosiero said...

So glad the anxiety level is subsiding and that things are looking up for her. Maybe she now has a lot more confidence in herself and you are the lucky recipient!!! Long may it last.

Robert said...

Yes - increased libido can be one of the side effects of Marie's medication (and loss of libido can also be a side effect).

Damn! I'm not a sex god after all ;-)