Thursday, 31 July 2008

Agoraphobia and more Austrian students

Last year, Marie decided that we should become a host family to students attending an English language learning summer school. So in July, Agnes and Alice arrived. And in August, we got Julia and Anna. Marie liked our hosting experience and decided that we should repeat it this year. Since she's still suffering the "settling in" side effects of her medication, it seemed like a useful diversion for her.

It's an area where agoraphobia doesn't interfere much. It's also an excuse for Marie to spend lots of money redecorating and furnishing a bedroom. And, like last year, it was all carried out in a hurry.

I meet Sarah, Johanna & Karin

First of all, I had to clear out all the old furniture & carpet. Then the workmen arrived for a few days. Next was the selecting of appropriate furniture. Since I wasn't going to be sleeping in the room, I gave Marie a free hand with the design. Everything was ordered online, of course, since Marie is currently not able to visit even small furniture stores. Delivery after delivery arrived - all items needing assembly and/or fixing to the walls. Guess who got the job of assembling the flat-pack furniture? And putting up curtain rails? Yes...yours truly. Now I know why I was given an electric screwdriver for Christmas!

Johanna & Orla became great friends

A couple of days later, our students arrived to occupy our new "Pink Room". It's not all pink - there's a little white too. But definitely not a room for the boys. Well, not the straight boys, anyway. At the last minute, we were asked to take 3 students. We agreed, intending to put the third girl in a different room, but since the 3 were close friends & wanted to stay in the same room (and the room was big enough to accommodate 3 beds), I had to hastily organise an extra bed.

Sarah & Karin about to go on a deep sea fishing trip.

They had a really good time & were very successful.

The girls were a pleasure to have. Chatty, cheerful, good with the kids, clean, tidy, polite...the perfect guests. Marie, the children & I really enjoyed having them stay with us. There were tears from them and Marie when, after 2 weeks, it was time for them to return to their homes.

Here we all are in the "Pink Room".

However, three more are staying here next week!


Coffeecup said...

Oh my word! I'd imagine it's really difficult for you being surrounded by all these pretty young women!! Good for you guys, must be great to have the house buzzing with happy people. Marie does really well, having an invasion party would drive me nuts, but I wouldn't mind the company. Have fun! Lovin the pink xx

Robert said...

Marie loves the house full of people. Means she doesn't have to leave home for some company ;) I enjoy it too. Always have.

As for being surrounded by pretty women - I cope. Somebody's gotta do it...