Friday, 13 February 2009

Agoraphobia - a little progress

Marie's anxiety never stays the same. Sometimes it's better and sometimes worse.

Recently she has been going through one of her worse phases. The worst I've ever seen her, in fact.

Unsurprisingly, Marie has also noticed this and is getting fed up with it. She has decided to do something about it. After several hours of online research, she uncovered two therapists who live close to us. One does NLP and hypnotherapy; the other does hypnotherapy and CBT. Both of them are prepared to see Marie at home.

Marie decided to interview them. After all, some believe that the relationship with the therapists is as important as the therapy itself.

One of the therapists impressed Marie more than the other, so sessions commence next week.

Now Marie is planning a holiday for two in Cannes and has already arranged for her mother to look after our children. She is also considering a trip to the Czech Republic with her dad, a former motorcycle scrambler, to visit a famous motorcycle museum.

It doesn't mean that these things will happen, but it does mean that right now, Marie believes that they can happen.

So we have some progress. I'm hoping that it's the first step in a longer, successful journey...


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

That alone really sounds encouraging. I hope Marie can keep holding on to that thought each day- of you and her in Cannes. That would be marvellous and a brilliant goal to work towards.

It is amazing how a little hope or a little movement in the right direction can lift the spirit. I hope the therapy works out for her.

The Czech Republic is a place I'd love to return to some day. My wife and I were there before the children came along by bus and there are lots of beautiful places there.

All the best


Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? said...

Sounds very positive and having a goal can only spurr her on!

♥ Kathy said...

I'm glad she found a therapist that she feels comfortable with even if the trips are never made :)

Coffeecup said...

FABULOUS! The point is that Marie has set herself a goal. Going abroad is one of those big targets that we put down on the bottom of the list classed as 'impossibly difficult'. In our hearts we don't think we'll do them. Marie has not been deterred to say this and that in itself is incredibly positive. Every step she now takes will be towards achieving that ambition. Way to go Marie I say! Personally, I believe that she can do it.

It's ridiculous that you're having to pay for a therapist but if you can afford it and there's a good rapport there, then money well spent. I hope they do what they say on the tin Robert.

My best to both of you guys :-)

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Dont know what to say except that i'm rooting for you all.

rosiero said...

Fingers crossed. Do hope the therapy works. If she is getting sick of her agoraphobia, that may be the best motivator.

Anonymous said...

Having a goal might be a good thing. I hope the sessions can be productive for everyone.

maz said...

Good Robert, she sounds a bit more positive, I'm glad she's making some plans!

maz x

Robert said...

Nechtan - Yes, goal setting is good for getting things moving. Now, to keep the momentum going...?

Laura - It's the most positive that she has been for a long time.

Kathy - Marie really likes this guy. I hope it realy helps!

Ccup - It's lucky that we can afford a therapist. Lots can't. I never forget that.

GOK - Thanks. You're not as grumpy as you'd like us to think!

rosiero - Absolutely right - if you don't hate where you are, why move?

MTAE - I hope so too.

Maz - I'm glad too. And hopeful that they will be realised.

Kit Courteney said...

Wow - that is very positive, indeed!

diver said...

FWIW ... an overseas trip (17 days in Egypt) proved the turning point in my agoraphobia. It just rewired my thinking, made me see the possibilities. As therapy it's called 'Flooding' as you know.

I think it's vital to take a safe person and go First Class if possible ... just limits hiccups which the agoraphobic just doesn't need.

I applaud Marie's initiative here. Go for it lass, you'll have the time of your life!

Anonymous said...

I plan exotic trips all the time. A couple of times I actually took them. At the very least, it makes going to the next town over not such a big deal.

You'll have to keep us posted on the hypnotherapy--that's probably the one thing I haven't tried.

Michelle said...

Oh, btw, that was me.

Robert said...

KC, diver & Michelle - Thanks for your comments. 1st therapy session is on Wednesday evening. I hope it goes well!