Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Baby is improving!

Lucky baby Matthew is winning the fight to live!

More about why he is lucky later. First, here he is, just after surviving the operation on his heart.

Matthew had recovered enough yesterday to come off life support. He opened his eyes and mum Jenna was able to hold him.

He has still got some problems, the most serious of which is a hole in his heart, but the worst is over. Today he was moved to the congenital cardiac unit where he will receive less intensive specialist care. He is expected to recover sufficiently to go home in the not-too-distant future.

The only bad news is that he is more like to suffer heart problems in the future than the average person.

Why is he lucky? Here's the story...

On Friday, Jenna's midwife called to see her. It was an unplanned visit. The wound from Jenna's c-section had become infected and she had been taking antibiotics. The midwife was in the area and thought that she would take the opportunity to see how Jenna's wound was reacting to medication.

Inspection of the wound over, Jenna and the midwife were chatting when Jenna felt the need to visit the toilet. Almost simultaneously, Matthew began to cry. Jenna went to him to see what was wrong. A rancid smell emanating from the direction of the noisy baby was a pretty good indication of his problem.

"Just when I need to go to the toilet urgently, Matthew needs to be changed," Jenna complained good-naturedly.

"Don't worry about that," replied the midwife. "You go to the toilet and I'll change the baby."

While changing and bathing Matthew, the midwife could see that all was not well with the baby.

"Jenna, I think Matthew isn't breathing properly," the midwife told her when Jenna returned.

"I know that," said Jenna. "I've taken him to the doctor twice and the hospital once, and they've told me that there's nothing to worry about. Some virus, probably."

"I think you need to take him to the hospital again," said the midwife. "I'll call them and tell them that you're on your way."

Matthew was examined almost immediately on arriving at the hospital. A few minutes later, he was in the intensive care unit, and Jenna learned that her little boy had heart defects and was critically ill.

Later Jenna learned that if she had not presented the baby at the hospital on Friday evening, he would have died during the night! Matthew's life had been saved by way of a chance visit by Jenna's midwife. Now you can see why I call him lucky!


Nioniel said...

That's such a relief, so glad to hear that Matthew is recovering. That's so lucky that the midwife came by and spotted the signs that the doctors had missed.

Rachael said...

that is so lucky, it so good to see he's recovering, I hope things continue to go wellxx

maz said...

Thank Goodness he's ok! He sure is a lucky wee boy isn't he!
maz x

Kit Courteney said...

Oh, Robert, I've only just caught up on this and your previous post.

How very worrying for the whole family, but how very lucky a little chap he is.

May he continue to thrive and be ready to give his grandfather a run for his money!

Gary said...

Matthew is indeed a very brave and lucky little chap. Our thoughts and best wishes go to him (and your whole family) in these worrying times.

Gary, Lesley & Emily.

Casdok said...

Wow so very lucky. So pleased to hear he is recovering well.

momcat said...

Wow thats great news. But I wouldn't call him lucky, I would say he's blessed and meant to be on this earth. I also had more personal attention after giving birth at home than at hospital because my midwife called round to see me every day for a week to check on me and this was between Christmas and New Year. I'm so thrilled with your good news.

Nota Bene said...

Lucky indeed for him...and a cheer for the midwife too

alice said...

i would buy the midwife the biggest box of chocs ever. what a magnificant story. im so glad for little baby matthew, and your daughter.xxx

Nechtan said...

He certainly is a lucky wee soul. What are the chances of those events coming together at the one time? That is fantastic news and the future is brighter than it was in your last post.

I wish him all the best.


Robert said...

Hi all!

The midwife rang. She said that when, on her way home, she realised what would have happened if she had not by sheer chance seen little Matthew, she burst into tears. She wouldn't accept any accolades - she was just doing her job, she said. Well, that may be so, but she noticed something that 2 doctors and the children's hospital had not! And saved a little baby's life in the process.

Doesn't this episode just show us how frail our mortality is? ...How our existence is always on a knife-edge? It makes you think...