Sunday, 28 March 2010

An eventful week

One week ago, Marie took the kids for a short trip in her car.

She hasn't driven or left the house without me since.  Her days are almost exclusively filled with eating, sleeping and the internet.

For the rest of us, family life continues relentlessly.

Around lunchtime on Tuesday, I got a call from Orla's school.  I was to come immediately to collect her.  She had fallen in the playground and was a bit upset.

I arrived at the school to find Orla crying hysterically in the First Aid room, her hand firmly clamped over her mouth.  Her school uniform was drenched in blood, she had a bruised eyebrow, bruised cheek, a scraped hand and a cut knee.  She wouldn't let anyone inspect her mouth, so the first aid lady didn't know what damage had been done there.

I got Orla home and simply nursed her for the next hour and a half, after which she became more settled and let me look tentatively at her mouth.  She had pretty much mashed up the inside of her lips and it looked as if a couple of teeth had been damaged.  Later on, I was able to clean her and change her clothes.  I fed her ice cream (she wasn't able to eat or drink) and put her to bed.

She looked so pitiful and vulnerable, sleeping.

On Wednesday evening, Joseph and a team from his school swam for charity.  He swam a creditable 250m (about 275 yds) in a 40 minute session, while Orla (who has been stuck to me like glue all week) and I looked on.  His enthusiasm made me very proud of him.

On Friday morning, Joseph went on a 3 day school trip with a group from his school.  I collected him this evening.  His teacher told me that he had been a pleasure to have on the trip, and he had got an award for his skills as a team leader and for his consistent good manners.  Again he made me proud!

While Joseph was away, Orla and I had spent a lot of time together - just the two of us.  It was just what she needed after her terrible tumble.  Yesterday afternoon she felt well enough to go to a school friend's birthday party, although she insisted that I stay with her.  Her friend's mum, looking with horror at Orla's bruised face and swollen lips, instructed the other little girls to be careful not to hurt her; the instructions were duly followed.

Today, most of Orla's scabs came away and although still swollen, she is definitely looking a lot better.  She is to attend the dentist tomorrow to see what can be done about her damaged teeth after which she will go to school again. eventful week - both good and bad events - but I hope that this week will be quieter.  And it would be nice if Marie could improve a little too!


♥ Kathy said...

Oh poor Orla :( That just breaks my heart! I know she was so scared! No wonder she clung to you all week...that's traumatizing! I understand your frustration about Marie. I'm not sure if I've told you this but my sister-in-law (who we have lived with the past 8 1/2 months) has agoraphobia. She's been about 3 months now without wanting to do much more than lay on the couch. She'll have one or two good days every now and then but the rest of the time she's there. Doing nothing. I try to get her to do things with me but the most she'll do is talk with me from her couch. I think at least she's doing that. It just makes me sad because when she's not down she's so vibrant. I've been praying for her and Marie and now I'm adding little Orla to my list.

Kaci said...

Oh no, poor Orla! I hope she feels better soon as well as Marie. I also have been kind of down lately, I hope that she also feels better soon.

Gary said...

I'd have panicked and taken her straight to A&E if there was that much blood. Poor Orla. I hope she isn't too traumatised by the events and that there isn't too much damage to her teeth.
I've said it before, but it's worthy of repeat, I admire your natural ability to cope with such events and be strong for your family. I wish I had half as much of that quality.


Kit Courteney said...

Oh, Robert, that picture! Poor Orla, how awful for her. Luckily she has a fab dad to look after her.

I hope the dentist goes well for her.

Sapphyre said...

Poor darling Orla. You are a great Dad, you've done everything just right.

As for Marie, don't worry, you're just at the bottom of the rollercoaster, it'll pick up again.

Nechtan said...

Hi Robert,

I hope Orla is on the mend, poor wee soul must have got a fright. I am sure she would have appreciated the care from and time with her father. And good on Joe, no wonder you are proud.

All the best


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Sweet gorgeous Orla. I hope she will recover very soon.

CJ xx

Coffeecup said...

Sending my love and best wishes to you all, and hope that both gorgeous little Orla and Marie recover quickly. Seeing her photo was heartbreaking, poor darling girl :( xxx

Nota Bene said...

Thumbs up for the good...thumbs down for the is like that....

Lena said...

Ah, little Orla. Bless her. Kids have an amazing ability to bounce right back - usually on a pavement or something else concrete - but I'm sure these kind of injuries will be behind her soon!

Hugs for Joe.

ladythinker said...

As you say - you've had an eventful week. Poor orla. I hope she is recovering well.

Best wishes and all blessings to you (and all those you care for) this Easter weekend.

The Fairweather Blogger said...

Just popping by to wish you and yours a happy and peaceful Easter.


Robert said...

Thanks everyone for your kind wishes.

Orla is much, much better now, with just a little bit of swelling and some dental damage left. And I'm less worried! :0)