Sunday, 21 March 2010

Marie and Lucas

The Marie that the children and I know and love came back to visit today.  It seemed the appropriate time to chat about her current state of mind.

It seems that Marie, having achieved so much during her London trip, realised how much she had yet to achieve to have a "normal" life.  She looked at the big picture, and its vastness daunted her.  It seemed to her that there was no point in getting up and fighting agoraphobia each day.  Her virtual world, in which she is as able as anyone else, held more appeal than her physical world.

In other words, depression had set in.

She feels stronger now.  Things will, she assured me, improve.

Just to prove the point, she took the children out for a short trip in her car.  It was the first time she has got into her car since her return from London.

I should have recognised Marie's depression, but sometimes I'm so busy in the day-to-day business of running the family that I can't see beyond it.  Marie's depressions rarely last long, and there is no reason to suppose that this one will be any different.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Youngest grandson Lucas, about 10 weeks old now, spent Saturday evening, night and all of this morning with us while his parents had some well-deserved time to themselves.  Marie insisted on doing the overnight feeds, and I didn't to argue with her too much about this!!

Lucas is a happy, content little lad who is spending more and more time looking around him, observing his environment.  He has started to smile, laugh and gurgle now.  He brought a happy aura with him.  Orla couldn't get enough of this real live doll and, truthfully, she was gentle and careful with him.

Lucas doesn't realise it, but his presence made Marie happier and I am sure that he contributed significantly to her depression easing.

Thanks, Lucas!


Em said...

lovely pic of lucas, so alert and cute.

i can see why marie would be down, after the high of doing something normal like visiting friends then back to a restricted life. also the energy it takes to deal with an outing, maybe shes depleted her energy stores. really hope things improve, all these trips in the long run must do good. x

♥ Kathy said...

He is precious. I can see how he would help ease her depression. I hope she's still feeling better!

anavar said...

A child is often better help than any other therapy or medicine! Take care

maz said...

Aw Robert he is bonny!
I'm glad marie is on the up too!
maz x

Sapphyre said...

Robert, your grandson is gorgeous!

Glad to hear Marie is picking up again. It gives me hope for my hubby; while not agoraphobic sometimes I wonder if we are making progress, but then I realise two steps forward, one step back is still progress!

Lena said...

He has the golden hair my youngest was was born with! I believe he does have a soothing aura around him. My lad's now 16 and is still angelic.

What a gorgeous little lamb Lucas is!

Jackie said...

Lucas is a real cutie :)

Robert said...

Em - I think Lucas is cute, too. Sadly, things haven't improved for Marie

Kathy - Thanks for the kind thoughts. Lucas' magic hasn't quite worked yet :0(

anavar - Totally agree with you!

maz - I have to agree that he is a bonny bairn! Marie's still not doing so well at the moment, but at least things aren't getting worse!

Sapphyre - I think Lucas is gorgeous too! I hope your hubby is progressing better than Marie is, just at the moment (i.e. no progress at all right now).

Lena - Welcome! My hair used to be the same colour as Lucas's. ...a long time ago... No one says I look angelic any more :0(

Jackie - Thanks for the compliment!

diver said...

Hi Robert. I still reckon I can see your face in Lucas'. And you both have the same colour and amount of hair by the look of your profile pic :)

That sure was a big expedition of Marie's. She sounds whacked now, like she's 'gone to ground' to regather herself. I remember feeling like that last year after I went to that live theatre show.

I've found that agoraphobia - regardless of the therapy being used - is never a linear event, ie progress 'that just keeps getting better'. For me and others I've monitored it seems a rather cyclic event featuring constant ups and downs and advances and retreats. It's quite tiring really. The 'retreats' IMO are just as important as the forays ... important times for 'consolidating' one's outreaching life experiences. So what may seem like 'no progress' at the moment may in fact conceal something most valid and valuable that Marie's doing just now.

As ever, all the best to you both.

Rate My Sausage said...

Good work, that baby!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Crikey, what a gorgeous child!