Saturday, 9 February 2008

Agoraphobia & Depression (1)

Marie had a really good weekend, and so did I.

I went to Weymouth very late on Friday night – after completing necessary domestic chores - to Marie's parents' house. She was waiting for me & rushed out to the car to greet me. Not having seen her for a couple of weeks, I was briefly, pleasurably amazed by how attractive she is. We put the children to bed (they were fast asleep and only woke up briefly during the transfer from car to bed & cot), after which Marie & I settled down to some quality time on our own…..

Last week, Marie contacted Emma Roberts to arrange some EFT sessions. Emma, currently fully occupied with other clients, referred her to one of her associates, Jane Bennett. It turned out that this lady is also a counsellor and CBT therapist, and combines all three the disciplines as appropriate. Marie has had two telephone sessions with her and feels that they have been worthwhile. She’s determined to follow this lady’s suggestions and do her “homework”. Homework is not Marie’s strong suit, so this is an advance all by itself. The most important development, however, is Marie’s optimism – her hope, bordering on expectation, that things are going to get better. Long may it last!

During the weekend, Marie was keen to show me to what extent she had progressed in her fight against agoraphobia. We went to some large shops where Marie was able to walk about 15m to the entrance and explore the area around the entrance while I did some shopping. This might sound almost insignificant to some, but for Marie it’s a major achievement. Earlier this week, she walked 25m to her car – on her own. Again, a big achievement for her.

Marie’s home with the children and me. My stint as a single parent has passed. The kids are very pleased to have her back – especially Orla. And so am I. The depression has vanished. I hoping that life won’t return to normal…I want it to become better than normal.


anxiousbookworm said...

Thank you for the comment. Well, I do not belong in the world because I am just too different. I have anxiety, agoraphobia, depression, some kind of mental illness (maybe BPD, OCD, APD, etc.), was born an amputee, am pigeon-toed, am blind in my left eye, have worn glasses since kindergarten, am allergic to way too many things (especially things outside), have had asthma since I was 12, have a heart condition, and my personality and interests are just different as well (bisexual, Pagan and Buddhist beliefs, vegan, etc). I have no friends any more because I am different and weird. I am trying to deal with it but because of my depression it can be difficult. Anyways, it is nice to know that Marie has been doing okay lately. I am glad for her :-)

Anonymous said...

Thats great news Robert! And it's not insignificant with the progress of the walking, and it sounds like she wants to get better! lets hope as the winter of discontent eventually fades everybody gets better!

anxiousbookworm said...

Thank you Robert. You are very kind. Colm sounds like a wonderful person. I do happen to believe that everyone deserves the chance to live and be happy. I think that I will always believe that I do not belong though. But at least I know that I am not quite alone as I once thought.

anxiousbookworm said...

I have seen three different counsellors since May 2005. One was very good and had helped with my anxiety, but once we were done with the program I had to stop seeing her. I should probably go back to her but I am too scared. She had phoned a psychiatrist for me and I am on a waiting list. I should hear from her some time this summer. Oh, and I had seen a psychologist last summer but he was terrible. He never diagnosed me at all and was basically putting me down for being depressed and having anxiety. He really put me off from seeing anyone else. Some of the symptoms that I put contradict each other? Which ones?? Just to warn you, I am quite a contradicting person. A lot of the times I become confused because I can feel one way one minute and the complete opposite the next minute. I feel like a hypocrite most of the time.

maz said...

Good Robert,
I'm so pleased you are all back together again and marie is feeling so positive!

maz x

annie the agoraphobic said...

Finally I figured out your comments! I am so glad Marie is doing so much better and taking the bull by the horns in her own wellness. I'm looking into both the EFT and CBT she's researching as well and would love to share ideas with you and she as we each progress. Also, if you read my latest blog you'll see why I may be asking for some serious advice from you here soon. I hope all continues to go well for you and your family. You all deserve it.

Maximum said...

Best news I've read in ages! Great to hear you are all back together again and that there's been an improvement in Marie's agoraphobia too.