Thursday, 18 June 2009

Animal Cruelty

I'm not much of a campaigner on animal rights issues.

I've always felt that caring about humans is much more important.

But when I came across this video footage, I couldn't ignore it.
It shows the horrors of fur farming in China.

And I mean horrors.

It contains scenes of animals being brutally beaten and skinned alive and then being tossed onto a heap of similarly unfortunate animals, some still alive.
This video is gross and I suggest that you don't watch it unless you have a very strong stomach.
I was unable to watch all of it - and I'm not easily sickened!

You don't have to watch it.
You can help to stop these barbaric practices by-

  • not buying any fur products. Some fur is farmed in a much more acceptable way (although no fur farming is acceptable to some people) but there is no way of knowing how your fur made its way to your shop.
  • passing on this information to others
  • checking out this site where there are other suggestions on how you can help animals such as these.
You don't have to watch this video clip,
but if you want to...just click below.


Anonymous said...

That is so so sad, someone ought to do it to them !!!!!!

rosiero said...

Following your warnings, I could not bear to watch the video but I have a vivid imagination, so I can well imagine how bad it was. I always think there but for the grace of God... we could easily have come into this world as animals instead of the fortunate position we are in, as human beings. I try to treat all animals, as I would wish to be treated myself. Even if they are part of the food chain, we should treat them humanely! And in this day and age of synthetic material, there is no need to kill them for their furs.

Anonymous said...


I didn't watch the video but I am aware of the situation and I find it very upsetting. 4 years ago I bought a pair of boots from a website I no longer shop with called Newport News. They supposedly had "faux" fur but when they arrived I could tell the fur was real and the boots were made in China so everyone that orders online needs to be wary of faux fur too.


Robert said...

Hi rosiero & anons - I spent half of my childhood on a farm so I don't have an idealistic view of animals. Actually, it annoys me whe people anthropomorphise them. However, there is no excuse for abusing them. My wise old granny used to tell me that you could always tell a person's character from how they treated animals. There might be a lot of truth in that maxim.

I wouldn't have expected faux fur to be real fur - that's illegal and would be a matter for the trade descriptions people - and should be reported to them.

Michelle said...

I'm not watching it, because there are some things you can't unsee. At any rate, I don't wear any fur at all, as I've been aware of this for a while. I really should quit eating factory farmed meat, as well, though. I feel like a bit of a hypocrite there.

On the other hand, I don't trust PETA an inch. I think they care about animals more than people, to the point of being unreasonable. And they're sensationalistic. I wasn't pleased when they capitalized on the shooting death of a doctor here in the US in order to use that publicity to carry their own agenda. I wish they'd be a bit more sane, and therefore reach more people.

Robert said...

Michelle, as I said, I'm not much of an animal rights campaigner. I just couldn't ignore the video. Things like this are not necessary & should be stopped. But an animal rights fanatic I am not - nor do I support any fanatical organisations.

Coffeecup said...

Hi Robert, I'm pleased that you have brought this to people's attention. I was really apprehensive about looking down your post because I've known about this cruelty for some time and after some sleepless nights feeling helpless and upset didn't want reminding. I refused to watch the Olympics as silly as that sounds and will not entertain anything made in China if I can avoid it. Hard to do these days. They are sick bastards who make me want to inflict the same kind of pain that they do to these animals. Stuff like this makes me despise the human race with a passion. I can't bear to look. What can I do and still protect my sanity without having to see more? Somehow I doubt the Chinese Government give a damn given their record on human rights never mind animals.

Robert said...

Thanks for the feedback, CC. The only real power we have to combat this is our ability to boycott any goods made in China which may have been produced unethically. If there is no market for the goods, propduction will stop.

Anonymous said...

I cannot BELIEVE this. This is horrible. Why are the not stopped?!?!!!! i cried within 30 seconds of the video! So freakin wrong.

Anonymous said...

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