Saturday, 13 June 2009

The journey away from agoraphobia - one step forward and two steps back...

Marie's agoraphobia has got worse.

There is a perfectly good explanation for this - she had been somewhat erratic about taking her medication, Free Smiley Face Courtesy of but has been taking it regularly for a week or so now.

Gone is the enthusiastic, vibrant, increasingly optimistic Marie. Instead we have anxious, tired, sick Marie.

Gone is the revised, healthy diet and exercising at the gym.
She has been suffering from headaches, feeling nauseous, lethargic, grumpy and vulnerable.

However, from past experience we know that these symptoms will pass.

Hopefully, progress on the agoraphobia front will resume shortly. Free Smiley Face Courtesy of


rosiero said...

So sorry to hear this - she was doing so well too - in fact fantastically. There are bound to be setbacks, but hope she comes back in leaps and bounds soon.

Nechtan said...

Hi Robert,

That is sad to hear but from all that I have read recovery is rarely straight forward. Hopefully though it is a temporary state and Marie can soon get back to where she left off. People do seem to get to a point where the initial joy is no longer there when they are branching out. Also when you begin to get comfortable the return of heightened anxiety can take you by surprise and knock you off your feet.

It sounds very much like Marie has had a physical setback more than a mental one, though that would follow. Has she caught one of those many bugs that circulating at the moment or could it be that all the getting out has caught up on her?

Whatever the reason for setback I do hope when Marie feels right in herself soon and also finds that she is still in a good place as far as her recent recovery is concerned.

All the best


Michelle said...

So is the medicine causing some of this?

I was tired and grouchy and panicky the other day. I had called my mom on the phone to pick up Sage for me because I was too shaky to drive. She came over, gave me a B12 shot and I was over being tired and all that in about an hour. It was amazing.

Meds have never helped me much--otherwise I'd be "cured" at this point. Eating healthily and exercising have been better.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Life is never simple, a cliche but true. Things will improve again, I'm sure.

Robert said...

rosiero, nechtan & GOK - Marie is keen to retake her recent freedom, so I'm hopeful that the current situation is just temporary.

Michelle - It's my belief that the medicine - or rather, the lack of it - caused this hiccup in her progress. Although she should, by this time, be aware of the importance of taking mind-altering medication exactly the way she is told, Marie skipped/missed several days' medication and was taking it erratically over the period of about a month. Now that she's back to taking it routinely, her mood has improved and her optimism is gradually increasing. She has also gone back to her healthy eating diet.

Marie isn't relying on the medication to make her well. Actually, she doesn't think that it's doing her any good. Our doctor felt that she shouldn't come off it while in a period of improvement. When her agoraphobia situation becomes stable, she's going to come off her meds in a well-planned way.

AP said...

I just found your blog. I too suffer from agoraphobia and it's kind of a relief to read that I'm not the only one.

Your wife is lucky to have you to help her through this..

maz said...

(((Hugs))) hoping things improve again soon.

maz x

Angie said...

Hi, I have agoraphobia also and I just suffered a setback for a week and a half. I had general anxiety for 8 days straight. It was horrible and it felt like I was backsliding, but then someone told me it was ok to feel what I was feeling. It's ok to have setbacks. It's ok to take a little time off from healing. I guess giving myself the permission to have some bad times helped because immediately the anxiety stopped and I am back on the revoery wagon.


Angie in California

Robert said...

Hi Angie - Thanks for popping in - and for the hugs! I look forward to seeing you again!