Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Riding for the Disabled Association Exeter Show

Colm really enjoys his equestrian pursuits. And he's got real talent, too. At his local RDA branch, he's the star pupil. And at the RDA show in Exeter (where we were blessed with almost perfect weather), he was able to show off his skill competing in the dressage classes.

At Colm's oft-repeated (very oft!) request, I took him to the show, accompanied by two of his sisters,
Carla & Collette. (All the rest of his close family were either at work or at school or suffered from agoraphobia.)

It was the 1st time in a long time that his horse had been away from the riding centre, and he was difficult to control. Nevertheless, Colm performed really well and achieved commendable 3rd and 4th places in his classes. Colm's RDA branch were well pleased with this result.

Four of the staff and a fellow resident of Colm's (assisted living) house came to support him. It was a very warm, breathless, sunny day, so I was compelled to take them to a nearby hostelry for a few beers. To their great credit, none of them imbibed excessively. Colm really appreciated his well-chilled shandy too!

A very, very happy Colm returned home. He elicited a promise that I would attend one of his lessons in a couple of weeks' time. His tutor is rescheduling the lesson to accommodate me(! I'm impressed!) as I am normally engaged on the school run when Colm is having his lessons.

A good day was had by all! Roll on the next show!


Casdok said...

Sounds like a brillient day! Well done Colm!

Absolutely Write said...

Hello! My daughter has mild Cerebral Palsy and also attends RDA - they just did a dressage tournament and it was brilliant. She loves her rosette! RDA is a phenomenal organisation isn't it?
Well done to Colm.

rosiero said...

Well done. Those sort of days are special.

Turf Dad said...

That is very cool Robert. Colm looks very happy. These activities are so important for our kids. Does Colm get to care for the horses too? I know that is used a lot as a type of therapy here in the states.

Robert said...

Casdok & rosiero - Yes, it was one of nthose very special days - the type that you savour for a loooooong time.

AW - Colm has been going to one RDA centre or another for about 12 years now. What they do is incredibly valuable. I can't praise them enough! Btw, thanks for dropping in - I'll pop across to yours in a day or two.

TD - Thanks for the comment. Colm has had some training in grooming in the past. He's just started working at the stables one afternoon a week. He's so pleased with himself! It's almost as good as riding...well, not quite...! The RDA is a totally voluntary UK organisation which mostly concentrates in teaching disabled folk to ride. Using horses for therapy does happen here, but it's not widespread.

Nechtan said...

Hi Robert,

What a fantastic day. Watching your son excel at his chosen pursuit in glorious sunshine and then taking him for a relaxing beer to finish with his sisters. Those are my sort of days.

Colm looks like he is in his element at the RDA. That is a great thing and it must make him really proud to have not only his dad there looking on but sublings and friends too. That lesson in a couple of weeks time can't be coming around fast enough for him.

All the best


Michelle said...

You must be really proud! What an awesome day, and the beer really tops it off!

Robert said...

Nechtan & Michelle - It was an awesome, fantastic day! Colm was having the best time and just to witness this gave me the best time, too.

Kit Courteney said...

More wonderful pictures.

Colm is clearly very talented!

maz said...

Well done Colm!

You must have been chuffed to bits Robert - I would be! lol

maz x

Crystal Jigsaw said...

These are wonderful pictures showing your very special boy looking incredibly happy. Well done to him, onwards and upwards.

CJ xx

Robert said...

KC, maz & CJ - Thanks for your continued interest in Colm & me. It is much appreciated.