Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The lucky father

There are more pictures of Orla than of Joseph on this blog. Why? Because, unlike his little sister, he's happy just blending into the background.

Because he's happy out of the limelight, his good points often go unnoticed. Academically, he's one of the top performers in his year. Well behaved, he's popular with both teachers and fellow pupils.

Recently, Joseph was "pupil of the week". A good achievement? It's better than that - he's been "pupil of the week" twice this year - the only child in the school to have done that.

Blaze loves Jospeph too. He's kind to the dog, and often takes it for a walk.

I showed Joseph how to brush out Orla's hair without hurting her. He's a great learner.

Joseph is so good at it that Orla can continue to watch Tom and Jerry almost oblivious to his ministrations.

Although he has the normal sibling rows from time to time, Joseph is mostly considerate to his little sister.

In return, she idolises him.

A day out with his sister can be really good fun, even if she
is only three!

What do you do on a dull, cold, spring evening?

Why not go to the beach?
If you go to this beach, you'll notice most of the stones are small and flat. Perfect for skimming.



Look! It's skimming!

When I was a boy, living beside the sea would have seemed like heaven! Now that I live near the coast, I can give my children the childhood environment I would have liked for myself. Joseph
loves the beaches around us and is happy to spend hours on them!

Does my description of Joseph sound too good to be true? There's not a day passes that I don't wonder at my good fortune having a son like him.

I hope I still feel that way when he's grown up!


rosiero said...

Awwwwwh. He sounds adorable. I hope he doesn't change.

morethananelectrician said...

I think all girls need a big brother to help watch over them. My oldest has really blossomed this past year as a "young man"...you should be proud...and I know you are.

Robert said...

rosiero - I really hope that he doesn't change; but adolescence can wreak havoc with a young man's life...

mtae - I totally agree with you. All the girls with big brothers I have ever known love having one. That includes my little sister! I did take care of my little sister - until she reached middle age!

Kaci said...

Awe your kids are adorable! Orla just has the prettiest eyes!

Nechtan said...

Being someone who had forever found themself slap bang in the middle of the country I can relate to that desire to me near the coast. I would have loved that as a child too.

Joseph is a credit to you. He seems a very happy, contented and loving little boy.

All the best


maz said...

Hi Robert, they sound a lot like my two!
There's just over 4 years between them and they have always been very close.
Come to think about it at 25 & 21they're still the same - thick as thieves the pair of'em! LOL

maz x

Robert said...

Kaci - I think they're adorable too!

Nechtan - Joseph is a loving little boy...but will he stay that way?

maz - I would love for my childdren to stay close to each other right into adulthood. It's great security!

Nota Bene said...

Nothing more enjoyable to a boy (of any age) than learning to skim stones....

Robert said...

NB - I am still enjoying skimming! And [boasts] I'm pretty good at it!

Kit Courteney said...

Beautiful pictures, Robert.

Your youngest children are an absolute credit to you and Marie :0)

Kit Courteney said...

Beautiful pictures, Robert.

Your youngest children are an absolute credit to you and Marie :0)