Thursday, 24 September 2009

New baby tommorrow.

If everything goes well, baby Matthew will come into the world tomorrow without any trouble, and I will be a grandfather for the 5th time.

But I am a little bit worried.

Just a little bit...

Matthew's mum, my daughter Jenna, is very overweight and her blood pressure is erratic. She has been in serious pain for the last couple of months. Matthew is a large baby. If all that wasn't enough, Matthew is in the breech position. The midwife does not want to risk turning him. The safest option is a Caesarian section. That's how I know that he will be born tomorrow.

Two of my own children were c-section babies, so this is not a new experience for me. However, I am in England and Jenna is in Ireland, and she's very anxious about the birth. Her anxiety has been building up all week.

I'll be very relieved when it's all over and I'm told that mother and son are fine and resting peacefully.

In the meantime, I can't help worrying.

Just a little bit...


Rachael said...

Hi Robert

Congratulations on new baby! i hope everything goes well, im sure it will :)

rosiero said...

I'm sure it will be fine and your daughter will be in safe hands. By this time tomorrow you'll be celebrating. Congratulations Grandad!

maz said...

Aw Robert, I'll say a wee prayer that things go well for your family.
maz x

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

I hope all goes well for Jenna and baby Matthew. The sea in between must make things very frustrating for you at the moment. It reminds me very much of the birth of my third child with complications. On one hand you are willing that phone to ring and on the other hand dreading it.

That is an incredible image. I am constantly amazed at how far this side of technology has come. Its extremely beautiful.

All the best for tomorrow too for you and your family,


Robert said...

Thank you all for your support. I'll let you know the outcome in due course.

j said...

I don't know much about giving a birth to a baby but I am hoping it will go fine. I hope jenna doesn't stress too much because anxiety can be really bad for blood pressure. Wish you all the best. I've checked Marie's site but she hasn't posted in a while. Is she doing alright? Well, I'll visit her sight.

rosiero said...

Hope it all went well!!!

Casdok said...

Oh i really hope all went well and that mum and baby are doing fine.