Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sometimes agoraphobia doesn't matter!

On Saturday morning, my protracted negotiations to buy another business seemed to be about to come to a successful conclusion. Lots of time and effort and a significant amount of money had gone into this. On Monday, I would sign the contract.

Then, out of the blue, one of the parties, the man who was going to manage the business for me, wanted more money or he would pull out of the deal. For me, this was a breach of trust and I was prepared to cancel everything. However, on Sunday evening, he was prepared to negotiate - tone down his demands. This led to me spending the evening in a mental turmoil, followed by a sleepless night. If I didn't buy the business, 10 people could lose their jobs. So should I continue with my plans to buy the business? But how could I continue with the purchase if I couldn't trust the future manager?

I lay on the bed, unable to sleep, unable to put the matter out of my mind.

By 4 am, I decided to pull the plug on the whole thing. I got up and sent texts and emails to all concerned and went back to bed - where I was still unable to sleep...

Little did I know, but it was to be the last time I was to lie on that bed.

Next day, three of Marie's friends arrived at our home. Apparently Marie had arranged a bedroom makeover. The bedroom was emptied, the carpet and carpet fitters arrived, the new furniture arrived and all was finished by dinner time. Marie's friends, happy with their work and ostensibly jealous of our new bed, went back to their own homes.

Our new bed looks a lot like this one...

...and believe me, it is very comfortable.

Suddenly I recalled a series of seemingly innocent conversations about what my ideal bedroom would look like/what my ideal bed would be... The bed above, the leather sleigh bed, with the curved head (ideal for sitting up in bed to read/watch the tv etc.), these were the features of my dream bed. All those conversations had been Marie's preparatory work for the makeover. She then put her own touches to it - for example, she had purchased leather bedside tables with tinted frosted glass tops which matched both our curtains and the frosted glass doors of our wardrobes - how long did it take her to find those?

Marie had been saving for this for some months - to give me a surprise.

It worked. I was surprised. And a very nice surprise it was, too.

What a wife! And what a lucky man I am to be married to her!


Henry North London said...

Now thats good stuff.

rosiero said...

Indeed you are a lucky man. At least if you lie awake contemplating your business problems, you have nice surroundings now!

Casdok said...

What a lovely thing to do. Hope you sleep better!

Nota Bene said...

Cool surprise.

Hope it made up for the turmoil over the lost deal in some way

j said...

I think you did the right thing by pulling your plug. It would be hard to run a business where you can't trust the manager I think. Leader is so important. I hope enjoy your new bed! It looks very comfortable!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

A good comfy bed. I can't think of a better present. Well done to Marie for the thought and work put into making one third, or so, of your day a little easier.

That was one major decision you had there and its no surprise it caused you so much mental turmoil. I guess no matter which decision you made there was always going to be a downside but personally I think you made the right one. If someone is so undeserving of trust now then he could have caused even more problems further down the line and that knowledge would probably have been a constant burden for you.

All the best


Robert said...


HNL - thanks for dropping by.

rosiero - yes, I can be a very comfortable insomniac now! Actually it's very rare for me not to be able to go to sleep. When it happens, I know I am stressed!

casdok - I doubt if I'll sleep better, since sleeping is rarely a problem, but I shall sleep more comfortably!

NB - Now that the deal is off, I feel a great relief. Now I can push my little building project forward (have a meeting with the architect tomorrow)! And yes, very cool surprise.

j - I can truthfully say that I trust all my staff 100%. I just couldn't work with that guy. And I'm glad I found out his true nature before I signed any contracts! The bed is at least as comfortable as it looks!

Nechtan - I am absolutely certain that I made the correct decision; although I can't help worrying about the other 9 staff who depend on that soon-to-go-bust business for their living... The bed was a great present, but only a part of the total package - Marie had also organised other bedroom furniture, a new carpet and new complementary fabrics. She had been busy!