Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter 2010

We all had a good Easter weekend.

Late on Thursday evening you would have found Marie, the children, Blaze and me on the 2-hour drive to Weymouth and Marie's parents.  I always do longer drives at the children's bedtime: they go to sleep and don't get bored; Marie and I have a peaceful journey.

Friday morning's weather was torrential rain at first, but it brightened up and by mid morning it was okay to go for a walk.  Blaze and I went to the beach and then followed the Portland Bay coast line for 1½ miles or so to Weymouth harbour.
I was able to see close up the surprising amount of coastal erosion occurring in this relatively sheltered coast.  Also surprising is the fact that Spring is nowhere to be seen yet.
The walk lasted about 2½ hours and was the first "me" time I've had in over 3 weeks!

Back at Marie's parents' house an elaborate Easter egg hunt was under way, with Marie's 2 sisters' children joining in.  This was followed by a veritable family feast.  There was a great atmosphere, unlike Marie's last visit here, and a great time was had by all.

At bedtime we went on the road again, driving back home - I had to work next day and my grandson Lucas was coming to stay for the day and night.

As usual, having Lucas stay with us was very enjoyable.  He constantly gurgles and smiles now.  Orla's behaviour towards him is unusally tender for a girl of her age and was a joy to behold.

Easter Sunday's socialising started early when Collette turned up with her husband and Colm.  I hadn't told Colm that he would be visiting us that day, so he was pleasantly surprised and thanked me every few minutes!  Colleen arrived mid morning, Easter eggs were distributed (my adult daughters still like to receive eggs at Easter) and soon we were sharing lunch.  Carla and her family visited in the afternoon and we all shared dinner  (leg of pork which I had been slow cooking for 6 hours...mmmm, delicious!).  The adults over indulged in food and desserts and the children over indulged in chocolate - i.e. everyone had a great time!

My ex-wife eventually called at Collette's house today to see her 1st grandchild.  Lucas is 11 weeks old now, so she hasn't exactly been in a rush to see him.  Ah well - it has been her loss.  Colleen reluctantly called to see her mother too; and Colm called to get some money for a football shirt!  Although the visit was somewhat awkward, being a rarity, it also sort of completed a very family oriented Easter.

Marie is sleeping a little less now, but in other areas not much has changed.  (Of course, any improvement, no matter how slight, is very welcome!)  However the holiday season has helped me to recharge my batteries and I don't feel so exhausted.  In fact, life is pretty good at the moment.


♥ Kathy said...

How wonderful! I'm so glad you had a nice Easter!

Em said...

pleased that you had a nice easter. that walk must of done you the world of good, wish i could of done it! your little grandson is so sweet, even sweeter is little orla adoring him.xx

Nikki said...

Im glad you had such a lovely time, it sounds like you all had a really nice weekend :) Im glad Marie is sleeping less too (I wish the same could be said for me, well, that the tiredness would lift anyway!) x

Robert said...

Hi ♥ Kathy! - Thanks for your wonderful support!

Robert said...

Hi Em - That walk was really refreshing. It was good to have just my own company and no pressures to do some chore or other -just for a while. I can see that it would probably be an even bigger deal for you.

When I was watching Orla mother Lucas, it was a really tender moment. She really had learned a lot about looking after a little baby...and she was so careful! She really surprised me.

Robert said...

Hi Nikki - I really needed that weekend! But Marie still sleeps a lot. Today she was awake for only 10 hours... We've been here before, but never for this length of time :(