Sunday, 20 May 2007

2004 - New Baby, Kim's Wedding

A new arrival - my grandson, Reece

Then at the start of July, my grandson Reece was born. I already had 2 grandchildren and Marie got on well with them, but they had been on the scene before Marie and I got together. She was quite excited about Reece because he was the 1st grandchild that she would be around from the beginning. She could feel a little bit more like a "Nanny" (at age 25!).

The beautiful bridesmaid
But Marie's anxiety was building up because her sister, Kim, was to get married in August. She had asked Marie to be one of her bridesmaids and Joseph to be a page-boy. Kim also asked me to play the organ in the church. Marie was worried that she might not be able to get into the church or she might feel "funny" on the day of the wedding and not be able to go at all or she would want me but I would be at the back of the church at the organ...or her behaviour would affect Joseph in his page-boy's role... The wedding reception was to be in a large marquee with 200 guests. As the wedding day approached, her anxiety increased. She had to try on the bridesmaid's dress, and the dressmaker's shop didn't have a parking space for the car in front of the door (I had to stop the car illegally and stay in it ready to move if challenged by the police). Then the dress needed an extra fitting. We had to go to the church and practise getting into it. The path was too long for Marie, but she found a way to get to the door by climbing over a wall at the side of the building. This had the added advantage that I could park the car there.

Joseph was a handsome page-boy
During the week before the wedding Marie was almost unbearable to live with, but at last the wedding day arrived. Marie went to her parents' house to get ready early in the morning. Her dad parked one of his cars in the space that Marie want us to park at the church to stop anyone else parking there. When it came near the time of the wedding, Marie climbed over the wall as arranged and her anxiety held off enough for all to go well at the ceremony. After the ceremony, she was too anxious to stay for the photos, because she was worried about going into the large marquee. However, when we got there, we were able to park right up the side of the marquee and her sister had arranged for us to sit at a table just beside the entrance, so Marie was able to relax. Apart from the fact that because we were at the back we couldn't hear the major proportion of the speeches, everything went well and we all had a good time. There was much relief that night that the wedding was over. As with most events that Marie worried about, the actuality was notnearly as bad as she imagined.

Marie with her parents and 2 sisters
One month after the wedding, the next hurdle arrived - getting Joseph to his pre-school sessions. The building was conveniently (for most people) situated next to Joseph's first school, but there was no car access to the entrance door. I parked as close as I could, and Marie eventually go to the entrance, but she was starting to panic and had to retreat to the safety of the car. This happened a few times, and eventually Marie gave up trying. She wasn't going to be able to take Joseph to his pre-school group, or to share in what he did there. It was to be the first of many parts of Joseph's life that she wouldn't be able to share...

Most of the 200 guests
It also threw up a new problem - who would look after Marie while I took Joseph to and fro his pre-school group? She couldn't stay at home without a "safe" person. During the day, my staff could be the "safe" persons, but before they arrived...what were we to do? In the end, I stopped the car as close as possible to the pre-school building and within view of the entrance. Marie stayed in the car, I had my mobile with me and I went there, dropped Joseph off and returned to the car at top speed. It wasn't ideal for either Marie or Joseph, but it was the best I could do.

Two of my daughters, Collette (left)
and Colleen (right) attended as well