Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Marie is jumping up & down with joy!

Marie is pleased with herself today.

Here is what she posted on the forum she frequents.


As some of you might know, I suffer from agoraphobia big time. And since Christmas, I've been having a baaaaaaad time.

Until today !!!!!!

My doting hubby bought me a car some years ago, but the poor thing (the car, that is, not my hubby!) has hardly ever gone than ½ mile from our house!

Until today...

Today I drove...





What do you think of that???

I've been depressed lately, thinking about how little independence I have in my life, and how much hubby has to do. So, when I found out that he was working 8 miles away, I decided to surprise him by going there. When I got there, I waited outside the door of a store-room. When he came out & saw me, he nearly sh*t himself! But once he got over the shock, he was sooooooooooooooooooooo pleased with me!!!!!

It wasn't easy...

I wanted to go...but I felt too scared ..but I still wanted to go
...but there were the "what if's"...but I really wanted to go...so I thought...

...I'm just going to go for it!!

...so I got in my car, put on my fav cd, started the car...

...and just DROVE!

I followed another car so that I could fool myself that I wasn't on my own, but after a few miles, I lost him (her?) at traffic lights. I did think of the places that I could stop & ring hubby if I started to feel too panicky to drive, but stopping & freaking out in the middle of the countryside (I'm a country girl lol) didn't exactly appeal to me! After a while, it was closer to drive on to my hubby than it was to home, so it became easier to go the rest of the way. Then I started to get a buzz and excitement as I realised what I was achieving!!

So now I have to remember how good I felt achieving this little step, so that I can repeat it...and go on to do MORE little steps.

But in the meantime...

I'm jumping up & down with joy!


I'm pretty pleased about it, too!


Sarah said...


I remember my first big drive. It was 3 miles (7 minutes!) from my house to my inlaws. My best friend was living there at the time..and I really wanted to surprise her. And my inlaws. It was quite a surprise!! I remember feeling like superman!! Or woman. Since I am.

Thats the part I love about being a recovered agoraphobic. EVERYTHING in life has so much more meaning...its hard to take anything for granted! Every little thing is a triumph...I have felt like super woman over and over again. And good news for you....it sorta became a high for me. I wanted to achieve more and more after that...and I did! I became addicted to those superman moments! I hope Marie will do too!

Yay for Marie! Yay for you!

Coffeecup said...

Lovely to read your words Marie, I've often wished to hear your perspective on things! Robert does a splendid job of course, but wanted to get to know Marie as herself too, and wow that post was a joy! When is this going to be a joint publication guys? It seems so much the richer for that insert!
Fantastic achievement Marie!!!! I can't remember when I last drove that far, it's wonderful that you found the courage to do it and succeeded admirably! This is inspirational stuff, I personally feel happy and heartened by it. I think others may take this on board too, and try that bit harder to reach their goals. Sincerely those words were very moving! Go girl go!!!!!!! XXX

SarahC♥ said...

Fab news Robert :)

Gary said...

Wow! this is great news! and a big achievement, you both deserve a pat on the back

Rachel's Diary said...

thats amazing....well done love xx

Me said...

Yay! That's awesome!!! Congrats to your wife.

Thank you also for your kind comments on my blog. (((HUGS)))

Around 'n Around said...


This is great news.

WTG Marie! That's a pretty big step to go for an 8 mile drive and you should celebrate in the victory of it.

Thank you for sharing this with us Robert.

I find when I need strength to deal with my own issues, it is important to come and celebrate the achievements of others. Thanks again.


Robert said...

Thanks for the comments, everybody!


Steph - if Marie & I co-wrote this blog, I would have to change the name! Actually, Marie prefers me to write the blog and she writes on forums and messenger and visits chat rooms.


Thanks again!

BlyJette said...

That is so awesome!!! :-D