Thursday, 7 January 2010

Agoraphobia and snow

It's really, really pretty around these parts.  And quiet.  Very quiet.  No buses, few lorries and fewer tourists.  We have been fortunate.  It snows during the nights and there's wall-to-wall sunshine during the days.  It was a little breezy, but that's gone away.

Marie's anxiety level is lower than usual in snowy surroundings.  I expected her to be asking her usual What If (...ambuances can't get into the area?  ...the shops run out of food?  ...our cars get blocked in?   etc.) questions, but they have been thin on the ground.  She's remarkably settled and only checks the online BBC weather forecast a few times per day (lol).

The children are off school.  First of all there was too much snow and the teachers couldn't get into the school.  Now the playground is too icy.  I expect they'll be off again tomorrow - probably because they'll think that it's not worth opening for only one day...  The children are loving it.  They toboggan on the hills, slide on the ice and have snowball fights.

Some of my staff haven't been able to make it to work, so I have to do a lot more work at the "customer interface" (business jargon).  Which I'm able to do, since there are no school runs at the moment.

Everyone in our area is in good spirits.  Yes, the weather is causing some inconveniences, but everything looks so beautiful that it compensates for this.  The local police have only one 4x4 vehicle, so they are pottering around their offices, spring cleaning .  The few naughty people who live around here prefer to break the law in better weather.  This is a laid-back sort of area.  No high-powered, time-regulated, stressed-out, big business tycoons live here!

One of my branches is 25 miles from here, but the main road is closed for road works.  The alternative is a route through scenic Exmoor, adding about 10 miles to the journey.  However, the roads in Exmoor are mostly blocked with snow and/or ice, so I have to take an alternative route using only main roads.  Now the journey is 80 miles!

Apart from having to do that long alternative hourney a couple of times, life is good around here!

The pictures were taken about a mile from my home.  In the one below, South Wales is visible on the horizon across the sea.  Click on the pictures if you want to see them somewhat larger.


agoraphob said...

yaknow, it is weird. I was dreading the snow this year, I always feel so claustrophobic when it snows, I worry about driving, getting places if I need to, etc....but a few weeks ago it snowed for three days and I found myself oddly calm. (and yes, I check the weather forcast a few times a day).

Have you or Marie been able to pinpoint why she isnt as anxious when it is snowing? I am still trying to figure it out.


Coffeecup said...

Wow! The scenery is breath taking! It's so beautiful!! Your photos are fantastic too!


diver said...

Wow, that top photo, absolutely brilliant Robert. It's one of the sweetest landscapes I've seen in a long while. Thanx for sharing.

alice said...

lovely photos robert.

rosiero said...

I agree that everything looks beauiful covered in snow. It also seems to damp down the sound too.

Robert said...

agoraphob - Marie can't work out why she's not as anxious as she would have expected to be. More snow is forecast for tomorrow but she's totally unfazed by this. In general terms, Marie's level of anxiety has improved, and she's pretty cheerful at the moment, too. Perhaps her general mood has more to do with it than anything else.

CC, Diver & Alice - Thanks for the compliments about my photo(s). I'm not sure what I did so well, and I wish that I did so that I could repeat it! The pics were taken using my Sony Ericsson mobile phone (5mp), as are the majority of the photos on my blog.

rosiero - The snow definitely mutes sound. We don't get much traffic noise at any time, but there's usually a background of sound from birds or breeze etc. Now it sometimes gets really quiet around here. Nice!

Nechtan said...

Hi Robert,

Like the others have said the top shot is fantastic. Its amazing the quality you can achieve with a mobile phone- some are better than compacts. That is a beautiful landscape shot.

That is some diverted route you have to take. Its good that its not every day you are having to take it. Nice to hear that life with the family is good at the moment and I hope you all continue to enjoy this time of year.

All the best


Grumpy Old Ken said...

Life goes on neverthe less. Went to football saturday. Wore socks boots pants long coms trousers vest shirt jumper another jumper top coat scarf gloves hat. And was still perished. Pluss we lost!
At least its pretty down your way.

Faith Hoffen said...

The pictures are beautiful there Robert. We've got snow here too of course. With my Raynauld's though I sure wish we could move someplace where it was warmer though.:)

Take care of yourself and your family:)


Robert said...

Nechtan - I have used my mobile phones for the majority of my photograhry from the time that Sony Ericsson developped a mobile with a 3.1mp camera. I don't always have a camera with me, but I always have my mobile! So I don't miss opportunities for a good picture very often, although I have to compromise a little on quality. We're still enjoying our snow here, but it started to thaw a little today :0(

GOK - Excellent comment! Very amusing!

Faith - If I had Raynauld's I'm sure that it would lessen my enjoyment of the cold weather. I hope your Raynaulf's isn't severe. You might like living here - we rarely get freezing temperatures. We have to enjoy snow when it infrequently appears.