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2000 - Staying at Emily's


...Needed somewhere to live, close to me, since her family home was so far away. I knew Emily, an extremely nice young lady of a similar age to Marie, who happened to have a spare room. Emily was married and had 2 children. Marie had a look at the room (small double), met
Emily, explained about her agoraphobia, and it was all settled. Emily rarely went out mostly due to her own mental health issues, and if she had to when I wasn't available, her in-laws would happily look after Marie.

This arrangement worked admirably, and not only had Marie somewhere to live, but as time passed, kind, sympathetic and empathetic Emily became her friend. They are still friends. When she wasn't with me, Marie stayed at Emily's in the evenings, nights and weekends. She returned to work, and thus stayed at my business premises during the days.

Kind-hearted Emily with the
4th & youngest of her children.
Marie needed a bed of her own since the single bed provided by Emily was not very suitable for our frequent nocturnal activities, and too cramped to relax comfortably afterwards. Marie's agoraphobia had lessened its grip about this time, but she surprised me by going into a furniture store and climbing the stairs to the first floor to choose a bed and matress! The next day, we went around a few shops to pick some bed linen. She began to go into shops and walk short distances along streets in shopping areas on a regular basis - always requiring me to accompany her. She still had her heavy handbag and a coat with her at all times, but I had managed to persuade her to leave the camcorder at home. Marie explored shops with amazement - more like a girl than a woman. It had been about 6 years since she had been able to go shopping properly! Her wardrobe began to grow.

Things were slowly but consistently moving forward for Marie when...

Marie and best friend, Claire


...Soon realised that I was becoming totally besotted with Maria. This not only caused me incredible happiness, but also serious worry. The worry was to do with the age gap between us. Marie was only 21, and I more than twice that! There was a huge variation in other people's attitudes to our relationship. In general, women considered the relationship tacky, while men considered me to be incredibly lucky!

And then there were my (5!) children to think of. Their ages varied from only 9 years younger than Marie to 4 years older! I begged her on ma
ny occasions to consider the problems that these matters would cause, but she kept assuring me that she would be able to cope. And what of the longer term? Did I want more children? I had more or less assumed that I was finished producing offspring. And I certainly didn't want Marie to have any children while she was still agoraphobic, when...


...Discovered that Marie was pregnant.

I wondered if I really wanted to have more children.

Marie wondered how she could cope with visiting the doctor - or - even worse - going to the hospital. Marie's mother rushed up to see her. She decided that Marie wasn't strong enough to have a baby ("She was never strong" she told me) and called the Doctor, who - on her description of Marie's health alone - decided that a termination would be the best course of action and promptly called a clinic to arrange it. So Marie and her mother went back to the family home to prepare for the procedure the next day,

I felt that Marie was getting rushed into a termination without giving it proper consideration. That evening, I had a very long conversation on the phone with her, when we were able to discuss all the aspects and consequences of the matter undisturbed and where each of the two courses of action might lead us.

After much hard soul-searching, we decided to carry on with the pregnancy. And then it was simply a logical progression that Marie should move in with me.

That wasn't the end of my problems and it was the start of a really bad episode in Jenna's life.

Who is
Jenna? A bit of a long tale, but Jenna appears quite often in Marie's story... Click here for more information.

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